Want More Brain Games? New Challenges Unlocked!

While there may be one more week until the next new episodes of Brain Games, you don’t have to wait until then for some more mind-bending fun. Each Tuesday, we’re releasing a new Brain Challenge that corresponds with the next new episode of Brain Games.

So get ready for some Motion Commotion. This is a test to measure your mind’s motion perception.


Complete all 12 episode challenges to reveal your total brain profile!


  1. Sara
    June 13, 2013, 3:45 pm

    Not sure where to post ideas for the show… Once I saw a pic of the sky on a ceiling. It was blue sky, white clouds, must have been a very nice day. I didn’t stare at it for very long at all. It looked like the clouds were moving!. But I knew they were not. But still by brain wanted them to move haha I’m sure a pic like that on a TV set would def look like they were moving. Just an idea 🙂

  2. W.L.Hixson
    Orangevale Ca.
    January 13, 2015, 5:17 am

    Whatever you come up with for new shows, I’m sure they will be good ones. The best shows all have one thing in common. Apollo Robbins. He is so engaging, but in a very smooth way. He tells you what he is going to do, and you still can’t catch him. The things that he does are so memorable, I still remember them when I’m out in public. Because of him I’ve had the opportunity to do some experiments of my own. The three best things I’ve learned from him are, simple is better, don’t over analyze things, and confidence is everything. The host of the show is a good one, but it’s Apollo that pulls me in, and keeps me glued to the TV. If you ever loose him, you might as well scrap the show. Keep up the good work guys, (and gals) and keep Mr. Robbins happy!