The Incredible Dr. Pol: Family Visits and Rock-Eating Dogs

On this week’s episode of the Incredible Dr. Pol, the hectic life of Dr. Pol gets ramped up a notch with the visit of his Dutch family and his son Charles’ L.A. lady. Although the company makes the clinic feel jam-packed, having a few extra hands on farm calls provide a little relief for Doc Pol.

Things get a little strange for Dr. Brenda when she finds her patient is a mischievous little dog that managed to swallow a whole rock! Unless the rock is removed, it will cause internal hemorrhage and possible death. The pressure is on Dr. Brenda as this is not any dog, but Chloe, her owner’s best remembrance of her late husband.

Dealing with aggressive beasts receiving their treatments while kicking and screaming, rock-eating dogs, and bacterial growth in cows’ hooves are just a regular part of veterinarian’s life.

Don’t forget to tune in to The Incredible Dr. Pol: Rock ‘N Pol tonight at 9P and see Dr. Pol manage to sooth the stressed farmers once again with his reassuring manner and this time, a little extra Dutch charm.



  1. Jan McCollough
    Bloomington, IN
    February 16, 2013, 8:23 pm

    I love this show and always tune in to watch the repeats and new episodes!

    Dr Pol and his team ROCK!

  2. sandy stauffer
    uncasville ct
    February 16, 2013, 10:55 pm

    I have respect and admiration for Dr. Pol and his whole staff who very obviously love animals. Great show…..

  3. Marge
    East Greenbush NY
    February 17, 2013, 12:07 pm

    My 11 year old granddaughter and 9 year old grandson and I were watching what we had previously thought was a wonderful show…until last Saturday 2/10. We all love animals; I do animal rescue; they both would love to become veterinarians so the show has been wonderful for them until then. They became extremely upset with that epidode when Dr. Pol was called to go to a farm and “KILL”…or euthanize a sweet dog…who the owner called a “good little puppy” because he bit his granddaughter (hmmm….good dogs don’t bite if they aren’t provoked…even bad dogs seldom bite). Both of my grandkids were extremely upset…and I was horrified…that that conversation would even be part of that show. They were so sad, confused, distraught and heartbroken, it brought forth many feelings. I, trying to hide my horror at what was presented on the show, tried to make light of it but they asked me to quickly change the channel….they, nor I, could bare to watch what might occur as the vet was dispatched to the farm to “euthanize” a family member (which we believe our pets become….part of the family). I reassured them and calmed them down by saying I bet the vet took the animal home with him…or they found him a great home…but I have no idea how that situation was handled on the show. Did you actually have a pet “killing” on the show…which i can’t believe would occur…or was it resolved in a positive manner?? It has changed my viewpoint of the show greatly…i always thought the show was kind, gentle and caring…now I just don’t know. Because I am involved in animal rescue in the capital region of Albany, New York, I am always interacting with many many animal lovers and animal rights activists. Before I ask my animal friends about this show episode, and before I create any kind of negativity toward the show amongst my animal rescuers and animal friends, please tell me what actually happened in that episode. And please think twice before airing such material that could be construed as cruelty and abuse (even if it doesn’t actually follow thru with it.)…so that it does not come off so horribly to children. The seed was planted in my grandkids mind….despite how the rest of the show proceeded….I am hoping and praying that the killing of the dog because it nipped a child did not happen…they couldn’t understand why a grandfather would call a sweet kind veterinarian to come to the farm to kill a sweet, happy healthy dog…and I couldn’t risk leaving the show on to see what happened. That story line was unwarranted by any definition, and unjustified, terrifying, frightenting to young viewers as well as to animal lovers.

    i am awaiting your response as to what really happened in that episode.

  4. Kristina
    February 21, 2013, 8:54 pm

    Marge – I doubt you’ll get an official NatGeo response, so here’s what happened (I just finished watching the episode in question, as it had been on my DVR since it aired, and I had the exact same reaction as you, but I watched all the way through). Unfortunately, Dr. Pol came out to the farm and euthanized the dog. He even said he AGREED with the owner. I too was shocked. I was crying by the end, because less than a year ago I had to have my 11 yr old shepherd mix euthanized due to cancer, and it was the hardest decision I ever made, even though I knew she was sick and in pain. To put down a healthy, if elderly dog, just because it nipped at a child broke my heart. My response was, “Keep the dog away from kids then. The kid was probably annoying the dog, so keep kids away from her and let her live out her life in peace.” But no. The owner even referred to his “loyal pet” as “it” and “the dog,” rather than “she.” Just like you, I used to love this show, but this incident changed my perception of it for good.

  5. Linda
    February 24, 2013, 7:26 pm

    I will never watch the show again.

  6. Ell
    February 27, 2013, 8:39 pm

    I Love the show and really like Dr. Brenda, she is amazing & so soft spoken, everyone is great & Charles is comical.

  7. Marge
    March 1, 2013, 4:52 pm

    Kristina…oh my God, I can’t believe that that actually happened. Is Dr. Pol an insensitive, uncompassionate, uncaring barbarian? I think that we should let PETA and other animal rights groups know about that episode. How on earth could they let that air on a show that is for family viewing? Its shows immense disrespect for animal life…and a great deal of disrespect for families and their children who love and care for animals. Are we suppose to kill a family member just because it may have been frightened or hurt, or not feeling well? humans have bad days and do things they might regret…and animals too have bad days and may act out inappropriately and they are just killled…and that process is aired on television for little children who love their own pet family members to see? I really can’t believe that they went thru with it. We must band together with other viewers efforts, maybe we can create a public outrage about it…how about starting a petition. contacting as many animal rights organizations that we can…Iplease help and spread the word…i will contact my local groups here and get the word out…and also contact our local TV organizations.

  8. rose
    March 2, 2013, 7:52 pm

    Diggers would be much more watchable if the hosts didn’t act like idiots after finding an object.

  9. Margarete
    March 2, 2013, 8:54 pm

    National Georgraphic…please respond as to whether this euthanasia actually took place…rather than finding a home for this dog….or better, yet, contacting your Dog Whisperer – Ceasar Millan for rehabilitation rather than killing it on air. There are a group of us in NY who are searching out the reality of this situation and if we do not get a response in the next few days, we will be contacting the Humane Society, the ASPCA, PETA and other animal groups. How such a topic and could have been so callously aired on a family show is extraordinarily insensitive, uncompassionate and cruel…not only to the poor dog, but to the distraught children who saw that show. To kill a family pet because it misbehaved just once, rather than finding an alternative solution is teaching kids to become violent insensitvie to those …both animals and humans who make mistakes or who wrong us. We think Dr. Pol is a horrible cruel veterinary whose actions must be made public …if it is true. I myself had to turn the TV off after I saw that sweet happy dog running happily beside his owner…not knowing what his cruel fate was to be in just a few short minutes…that he faced an unjustified death with no chance for an alternative solution. Pol and the owner could have at least put him in a rescue group…or better yet…call Ceasar to rehabilitate him…not kill him on a family TV show. what is this telling our children about humaneness to animals?

    we are ready to go public on Facebook and ready to contact PETA and other organizations to investigate Dr Pol, Dr Pol show and National Georgraphic for showing abuse of a dear family pet. Animal rights organizations will be in touch with the Doctor i am sure.

  10. Jasmine
    Troy NY
    March 2, 2013, 9:03 pm

    What??? Doctor Pol actually euthanized a healhty sweet dog on a TV epsidoe because it nipped at a child? Did the child provoke the dog…my guess it did…or the dog didn’t feel well, or he was nervous, or scared….but at least find another alternative rather than kill it. National Georgraphic ….who hosts Ceasar Millano the Dog Whisperer…allowed that episode to occur. The topice of killing a family pet…is not appropriate in any way for a family show. I know if my kids saw it they would have been hysterical. what is with that Doctor….is he senile or something…or just plain cruel.?

  11. Connie
    United States
    March 2, 2013, 10:51 pm

    Wow, calling Dr. Pol a barbarian for putting a very old, beloved pet down when, if I remember correctly was somewhere around 14 years old, is crazy!! The owners loved that pet, but were they supposed to allow that dog to rip a two year old grandchild’s face off? They mentioned that the dog had been in pain and was deteriorating for a while. Death is a part of life. If only we could all, people and pets, live forever, it would be a perfect world, wouldn’t it? I lost my father almost 2 years ago. A WWII veteran, who gave me some really good advice. My son was 9 at the time, and a family friend and his wife lost their premature baby after a 4 day valiant battle to live. He was barely over a pound. The mother was my son’s teacher. When I talked to my dad about whether to take my son to the funeral with me, (and he REALLY wanted to go), my dad said, “let him go if he wants, you cannot shield him for death forever.” My little boy’s brother served two years active duty in Iraq. We were lucky enough that God brought him home safely to us both times. Now, I am not a particular “lover” of having pets and getting close to them as an adult, but I loved my cats an kittens as a child, growing up on a farm. What I saw and took from this episode was a responsible owner who loved his pet dearly and had prolonged “doing the right thing” for a better way of saying it, make the right decision. And it could have been done in a Vet’s office or done at home where the animal had grown up. The owner was clearly devastated that he had to make a choice, but in my opinion, it was the right one. The viewers had enough warning at what was going to happen and could have turned the channel or removed the children easily from the room. It’s not like Dr. Pol just walked up and a put the animal to sleep without any warning. There was a choice if you didn’t want to see a natural part of life’s cycle. Dr. Pol explained that it was the humane and right decision. Nobody wants to face that decision. But before you jump the gun and call PETA, maybe Child Protective Services should be first and foremost for the ones that disagree and chose to let small children watch something they could have prevented if so chosen. Just saying…………You praise Dr. Pol one second and slam him the next. I love his show and still respect him. There is so much worse on TV than this episode of Dr. Pol……… Wander if those kids play violent video games……

  12. Debra Gugig-Bauer, CRC
    Altamont, NY
    March 3, 2013, 2:24 am

    The concept of this show ( old country vet makes farm visits gives one the impression that it would be a modern but heartwarming and wholesome, American rendition of English vet James Herriot however apparently the show’s producer’s are extremely insensitive when it comes to discerning what constitutes a good story that is fit for public viewing, While other episodes might be considered positive stories, euthanizing a family pet on television because it nipped a child is extremely irresponsible . When an animal is euthanized for beahavioral reasons, there is normally an evaluation which takes into consideration various factors including the dog’s history, prior episodes, , the extent of the injuries, to the victim, whether or not the dog might have been provoked and whether or not some other alternatives or options to euthanasia are possible.
    Given that this dog nipped a child, it is quite possible that the child might have engaged in some type of behavior that frightened the dog. There is a great chance that the older dog might have been given a good home where it could have lived out the remainder of its life in a peaceful environment without any other nipping incidents. As a therapist and as someone involved with animal rescue who has seen similiar situations resolved in a positive non lethal manner, , I am appalled that Nat Geo would send out such a harmful message. This is supposed to be a heartwarming and educational show not one that highlights a lack of compassion and the inability to solve a common situation in a humane and enlightened manner.. It sounds like Dr. Pol needs to return to veterinary school and National Geographic needs to consider the show’s content more carefully. . I would have been a faithful viewer but certainly not anymore!

  13. Ginger
    Costa Mesa, CA
    March 6, 2013, 5:35 pm

    You are a moron if you leave or let a small child have access to any animal. It is the responsibility of the adult to keep both the child and animal from harm’s way. Why wasn’t the dog put in a kennel when the child visited instead of resorting to such a final and lethal decision? I enjoyed watching Dr. Pol’s show until that episode, not anymore. That dog was put to death by the very person it loved and trusted. I don’t find that entertaining in the least.

  14. W2S
    March 10, 2013, 8:14 am

    I can count on my hand how many people said their not watching the show anymore. But guess what the show will go continue. Dr. Pol want loss any sleep and neither will the creators of the show. Get over and write a book about your disguise.

  15. Becky
    March 22, 2013, 1:36 pm

    I too turned off that episode because I couldn’t stand the thought of that sweet little dog who was shown running around the yard having fun be killed because it nipped at their grandchild. They even made the comment that it was having some arthritis issues mayby the child accidently touched a sore spot… the dog nipped it did not clamp down. I am mortified to know that the same channel that has the Dog Whisperer would allow this to be aired. I too used to like to watch the show but will never watch it again. National Geo you should be ashamed….

  16. Jerry
    April 21, 2013, 12:51 pm

    What a digusting episode of dr pol putting that dog to sleep. I just had to put my beloved 14 year old dog to sleep because of brain cancer. A responsible dog owner would keep a old dog and young child apart not gingerly dig the dogs grave while it happily plays nearby .You sir should never ever be able to own another pet again. There was many options.. I would have personally considered having the dog shipped to Canada and cared for it since I just lost mine. I’m sure even the dog whisperer would have taken him. Really don’t understand how the film crew could have watched that .. Guess there is a lot of heartless people in the world

  17. Marie
    June 16, 2013, 5:52 pm

    That was a horrifying episode. Don’t let a you g child around an elderly dog! The dog makes one mistake and you murder it???? Shame in you!!! Ill never watch the show again!!

  18. Laura M
    December 2, 2013, 10:35 pm

    Do you think we watch this show to see dogs get euthanized for a behavioral episode?! I am never watching this show again, I’m disgusted.

  19. Spree
    April 13, 2014, 11:47 pm

    I have just started watching dr.pol and have never seen this episode of the elderly dog biting a child. I have had my dog since she was 10 weeks old and she turns 9 this year. I am sorry I love her but if she bit my child in the face maliciously she wouldn’t have a prayer. Its the law in most states anyway that a dog be put to sleep when it bites. Dr.pol is old fashioned yes but not an evil man. There have been many episodes were the staff use high tech equipment to diagnose problems. They do biopsies and send out tissue samples. They do cbcs and rays. Even humans have procedures done under conscious sedation With no oxygen or fluids running. Spinal blocks are good enough for humans but dogs need more? I dont remember seeing any dog conscious enough to feel the pain of their procedures. For avet to stay in business for 30 plus years means he is do it something right.

  20. Delilah
    August 15, 2014, 2:14 pm

    I’ve watched this program several times, only because I couldn’t
    Believe what I was actually seeing on Nat Geo ….and all I can say is shame on Nat Geo for being associated with the
    of the degrading way this doctor treats his patients.

  21. Kathie Schoenfeld
    United States
    September 27, 2014, 10:19 am

    I love Dr. Pol and how I wish I lived where he is as our 8 year old Toy Fox Terrier was killed by a Vet that we have been with for 30 years. I took her in on 9/9/2014 because she had the runs Tiny Bubbles had to stay over night so they could start her on with fluids and I was told I could pick her the next day, well the next morning at 9:00 a.m. I got a call from the Vet telling me that they where feeding Tiny Bubbles and she had a stroke and died. she was a healthy little dog. How can a dog have a stroke Dr.Pol? Please help me as this Vet wouldn’t tell anything more about Tiny Bubbles. Thank You Dr. Pol

  22. Deborah Sherwood
    April 2, 2015, 10:27 pm

    I too watched this very insensitive episode, I was shocked and was in tears. This poor old dog was as stated by the owner sleeping when his granddaughter came over and stated stroking the dog it turned and tried to bite the child. This was an old dog probably deep in sleep and was woken in a fright it had not done it before or after apparently. Dr Pol and Charles where agreeing whole heartedly with this mans decision to destroy his faithful little dog of 13 or 14 years old without any discussion as to maybe a solution. I have an old dog she is 11 has very bad back legs and when she sleeps it is very deeply my grandchildren have been taught to leave her alone while sleeping she put up with heaps when they were little and let them climb all over her pull her ears she wouldn’t hurt them. I found this episode very distressing and kept thinking no this cannot happen surely, however out good old Dr Pol came went into a back shed grabbed the old dog jab a needle into her backside and not so gently either waited a couple minutes then administered the fatal needle. Was so shocked. The man was happy he said he wouldn’t be sad, “loved on her” he said while this all went on. The dog had no medical issues, was bright and very happy little thing. This needs to be addressed by Nat Geo. Really liked the show before but will not watch anymore. Shame on them all.

  23. Elizabeth
    March 31, 2016, 4:39 pm

    I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how completely disgusted I am with Dr. Pol and Nat Geo(one of my favorite channels) regarding the sweet senior dog being euthanized for “biting” that child. How did nobody speak up and offer to find other home for the dog? Did the owner think to teach the child how to act dogs, especially sleeping dogs? I was bit by a dog as a child for taking a cup away that the dog had in its possession. I still have scars on both sides of the arm. Honestly I asked for the bite because I never should’ve done that. Children need to be taught these things, dogs are domesticated and everywhere. It’s unfortunate that the child was nipped but it could’ve been a lesson learned for the owners to kennel the dog now around children if they were that nervous that the dog may be aggressive. It sounds like the dog was surprised or in pain. I couldn’t even watch the whole episode. I was frantically looking for the remote and ended up getting up to turn off the tv. It’s so horrifying that no one involved was an advocate for the dog. She was rolling around happily in the grass while the owner literally dug her grave. I want to cry thinking about it. Animals matter. They aren’t disposable. They have souls and feelings and make mistakes, usually because people aren’t great at communicating with them. That dog probably had more of a soul than Dr. Pol. This isn’t the first episode of Dr. Pol that has made me sad for the way the animal was treated by him. INCREDIBLE is right. Incredibly insensitive. I will never watch again.

  24. Floyd Lewis
    United States
    April 1, 2016, 10:48 am

    I don’t ususally do this, but I was so upset over this particular episode, I woke up in the night thinking about it. I thought there must be others who felt as strongly about this as I do, so I searched the internet, and within minutes I found this site. It restores my faith in humanity that there are others who feel as strongly as I do about this.
    How can one put down a healthy pet who, from all appearances, adored its owner. Wagging and shaking with joy following its owner faithfully to its death. I won’t say I will never watch Dr. Pol again, but this was not easy to watch. I knew how this was going to end, so I turned it off as the group entered the barn. Couldn’t the owner have attempted to find an alternative, perhaps getting someone to adopt the dog? I know from personal experience that children that age can annoy dogs. I once took my beloved fox terrier to a field were a game on volleyball was taking place. There was a young girl, about the age of the girl in the episode among the spectators, who appered to be admiring my dog. She asked me some questions about him, and after a little while. after she got comfortable around us she started hitting my dog and laughing for no reason. Her mother scolded her for her meanness. All I am saying is that I believe a dog with a normally sweet disposition would not snap at a child for no reason.

    It was very difficult to watch the owner digging the dog’s grave while it played nearby. I think the producers of Dr. Pol need to be a little more sensitive to its viewers. To many of us dog lovers, a dog is like a child, one who expects that we will always do right by them. Displays of such callous disregard for the life of such a loving and trusting creature was difficult to watch. I understand completely the need to put down a very sick animal, bit to euthanize a perfectly healthy dog was painful to watch. It is my hope that the producrers of the show will be more senstive about their story lines in the future.