Danger and Nocturnal Beasts for Mudcats

It’s week four of the Okie Invitational and the five teams face spies, poachers, curses, razor-sharp rusted metal and nocturnal beasts.

Coming in from a big win week three, Scooter Bivins and his new partner, Nate, head to one of Scooter’s most secret honey holes. But they are not alone. Someone is following them to their hidden spot and their plans change quick to ditch the spy. Has Scooter’s “secret spot” been exposed?

Coming in only three pounds short of Scooter last week, Don “Katty Daddy” Brewer seems to have caught one of the biggest fish of his life within the first hour of week four. Don ties up his fish for safekeeping but realizes his monster fish is gone when he returns. Will Don be able to catch another beast with 29 hours left on the clock?

Marion Kincaid and his partner, Mark, head over to the underwater ruins of Old Kaw City where legend has it that any grabber to fish this sunken city is cursed with bad luck. Is it time for The Catfish King to believe in curses?

“Young Guns” Teddy Good and his cousin, Winston fish the underwater wreckage of an old train crash, where they need to avoid razor-sharp piles of twisted metal. Will these young guns get the catch and make it out safely?

Coming in at a disappointing third, Lee “the Legend” McFarlin is determined to do whatever it takes to win – even if that means fishing in the dead of the night. Daughter, Misty, is unhappy for this decision to blindly trek in the night through the snake and beaver infested waters. While keeping a lookout for these dangerous critters, she suddenly realizes her dad has vanished. Did the Midnight Monsters get “the Legend”?

Tune in to Mudcats: Midnight Monsters tonight at 10P and find out if this suspense-filled episode will leave Scooter keeping his number-one spot or if he will have to relinquish his title to another team hungry for the win.


  1. Chris
    February 11, 2013, 1:54 am

    I watched an episode a week or two ago. Marion was at Skiatook Lake. Skiatook is pronounced Sky-took or Sky-a-took, not Skee-a-took. I do have a couple questions. What’s up with all the drama when those guys are landing their catch? Who came up with the name for the show? A mudcat is a bullhead also sometimes called a pollywag. A Flathead Catfish and a Mudcat are not the same. It may just be me, but have never heard anyone in my whole life refer to a Flathead as a Mudcat. I really like the show though. I would also like to say to those that think this sport is a crazy hillbilly, redeneck sport…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Advice if you do decide to try it, we have all heard about a cousins brother in-laws uncle that lost his hand or arm to a beaver or turtle. Don’t believe everything you hear. Stay away from beaver dams, and COTTON MOUTHS (Water Moccasins) the snakes that float. Water snakes will only be partially out of the water while Cotton Mouths whole body floats. Watch out for COPPERHEADS when your walkin to your boat, or on the bank. Cotton Mouths will chase you they are very aggressive. Last but not least.. never go alone.

  2. Aaron
    March 25, 2013, 11:17 pm

    Hahaha i think its funny how so many people obsess over meeting marion when i just know him as uncle marion