Rednecks vs. Preppers

Doomsday preppers are all over the place, so the Redneck Team decides it’s going to make its own version of an apocalypse shelter that’s completely mobile.  The guys design a bulletproof bunker that’s portable and can be broken down into a series of backpacks.  But when the local prepping group challenges them to a field test, can the Redneck Preppers keep one step ahead of a roving gang of Mad-Max-style marauders?

Tune in to Rocket City Rednecks: Doomsday Bug-Out Bunker Thursday at 9P et/pt


  1. Randy w.
    Pinckney MI.
    January 20, 2013, 4:13 pm

    How did Pete build the perimeter alarm in rednecks vs prepers ?