Are You Prepped? December 28 Round Up.

Last week we dodged an apocalypse that many across the world believed was inevitable. Of course, there were many other people who did not take the end of the Mayan calendar all that seriously. Whether any of the Doomsday Preppers were concerned or not, all believe that the end of the world as we know it will come when it wishes and at any time. They are ready. This week’s Doomday Preppers explore preparations for the advent of a financial collapse, but what else is looming on the horizon? Even the United States Geological Survey suggests that although the world didn’t end, you should be prepared. Are you prepped?

When the World Doesn’t End: Advice from the USGS

The U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) took the opportunity of the speculated December 21 apocalypse to share what science currently can and cannot predict. With a nod to the fact that many had spiritual beliefs regarding the end of the Mayan calendar, USGS stated, “Such beliefs aside, what we know with certainty is that Earth has a tremendous capacity to generate natural disasters on any day of any year. For this reason, USGS scientists continue to look for ways to better forecast a wide range of natural hazards and protect our communities.”

USGS covered the possibilities of earthquakes, volcanic unrest, landslides, wildfires, meteorological storms and magnetic storms. The USGS points out that while there is no reliable predictor for earthquakes, that wildfires, landslides and weather events are generally easy to predict and prepare for in advance. Even volcanic activity can be predicted as, “Fortunately, volcanoes generally show signs of unrest hours, weeks and months before they erupt.” While the USGS agrees that magnetic storms could cause a great deal of disruption, they also point out that, “Damaging storms occur about four times a decade, with smaller events occurring more frequently. Magnetic storms can be detected up to two days in advance by monitoring the sun.”

While the USGS would prefer that no one panic over unforeseen possibilities, perhaps they would agree that the Doomsday Preppers are doing something right. USGS suggests that we all ask ourselves, “Have I done everything I can to ensure that my family and I are prepared, should a disaster strike? This includes preparing and practicing your emergency plan and building a disaster supplies kit with food, water and basic needs.”


Will Social Media Help the UK in a Pandemic?

The Department of Health, England and Health Departments of the Devolved Administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland released a plan titled UK Pandemic Influenza Communications Strategy 2012 which is meant to provide an updated communications strategy in the event of a flu pandemic. The plan is comprehensive and includes the use of social media. The department would use social media “to signpost to online sources of information and to promote news and updates, including monitoring and responding to avoid the spread of false or misleading information,” it said. Specific usages of social media include:

  • Official channels including Department of Health (DH) and Devolved Administration (DA) government/ Assembly websites, bulletins, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts
  • Twitter feeds (DH and DAs) to promote messages and drive traffic to online information
  • Expert blogs from the 4 countries’ CMO, Director of Nursing, and Director of Immunization

The plan is meant to explain the outbreak, instruct the public and minimize risk of infection. After the detection of the outbreak, the communication plan will make information available regarding the spread of disease, the escalation of the virus and then ultimately the recovery phase. It is possible that social media could be a particularly effective means of information sharing, but perhaps the safest of those receiving the information will be the Doomsday Preppers, who will have the least contact with the infected populace.

Is a 2013 Financial Collapse Inevitable?

Gerald Celente who is the publisher of the Trends Journal and a business consultant who makes predictions about the global financial markets is worried about what comes next in the world of finances. Citing a former Treasury official who worked under the Reagan Presidency, Celente posits that and Unites States bonds will fail in 2013 and cause an unprecedented financial collapse.

Celente states in the interview that “The whole world is being propped up by these phony bonds and it’s going to collapse.  It has to happen.  Interest rates are going to start going up, and when they do, the bond bubble explodes.  You cannot keep interest rates at zero for this amount of time and expect anything other than disaster to follow.” Celente feels that the bubble burst, the real estate market failure and even the Great Depression will be marginal compared what the collapse of the “bond bubble” does to the economy. Could Doomsday Preppers be right? Could financial collapse be inevitable?

In this week’s Doomsday Preppers Brian Smith has big plans for the end of the world. The father of 12 is preparing for a total collapse of the U.S. monetary system. Tune in Tuesday, January 1st at 9PM et/pt and decide for yourself if he is Prepared, Not Scared.


  1. s chester
    December 30, 2012, 2:12 pm

    So the world didn’t end on Dec. 21st. If it had we all wouldn’t be here. Prepping, in my mind, is not about surviving the end of the world because if it ends, it ends and no amount of prepping is going to save you. Prepping is about surviving catastrophes:
    1. Extreme Weather (blizzards – floods – ice storms – large hail – tornadoes – deep snow – lightening – prolonged drought – very high winds – extreme cold – extreme heat – tsunami – hurricanes)
    2. Wild Fires
    Electromagnetic Pulse, Geomagnetic Storms and Cosmic Radiation
    5. Super Volcano or Asteroid Impact Winter Lasting Three Years or More
    6. Terrorism, Pandemic and/or Societal Breakdown

    All of the above catastrophes are whens not ifs because they have all happened in the past and they will all happen in the future. Each one of the above listed items needs to be given careful consideration when planing your prepping. As the earth warms the weather is going to become more and more extreme. If you live on the ocean beach you had better move to higher ground because with the poles and Greenland melting and the seas expanding due to warmer water sea level could rise by 12 feet in the next 50 years. Wild fires and earthquakes are things that happen all the time. Higher temperatures mean drier forest and grasslands producing more fires. Electromagnetic pulse can be created with a high altitude nuclear explosion or from a solar flare. If the pulse is big enough it will take out the electrical grid and will kill non protected electronics such as computers, cell phones and vehicle electronics. Cosmic radiation is something we don’t have to worry about because it comes from exploding stars and there are no local stars ready to blow. Volcanos happen all the time but not super volcanos. Yellowstone is a super volcano but it is growing at only about 2.8 inches per year and has a long way to go before erupting. A more dangerous one is Mt. Toba on the island of Sumatra. It blew about 74,000 years ago creating a 6 to 10 year winter that reduced the world total human population to less than 15,000. There is about a 1 in 20,000 chance of an asteroid impact which is about the same as dying in a plane crash. The next near miss of a large asteroid that we know of happens in 2040 but there are many other ones out there that we can not see due to their smaller size. In the history of our planet there has been at least 5 times when 50% or more of all living things have died due mainly to super volcanos and asteroids. I think that terrorism, pandemic and/or societal breakdown are the ones that bother people the most. Our country is so large that terrorism will never physically effect more that a small area at a time. Due to our mobility a pandemic is something that could effect the whole country or for that matter the whole world. If the ebola virus ever escaped from the wilds of Africa the airplane connected world would be in danger. Being highly contagious, with no cure and a kill rate of 50% to 90% very few would survive. More than likely a pandemic will come from a common pathogen that has become resistant to all current drugs. The only thing that keeps societal breakdown in check is the large middle class. It balances the adverse effects of the poor and the rich and tends to suppress the ideological and religious extremes. In resent times the poor and rich classes have been growing while the middle is shrinking in size and the ideological and religious extremes have become more shrill. If the middle class gets too small our society will become unbalanced and be thrown into chaos. There is a chance that none of the above problems will happen in our life time but I don’t believe that and there is something to be said for leaving a survival system set up for our children.

  2. Westpalm
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    December 31, 2012, 1:28 pm

    National Geographic channel has superb shows. Congratulation for providing us with such good programs. Special thanks for making it possible to enjoy Locked Up Abroad (my favorite). Very enlightening.

  3. coconut boy
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    January 9, 2013, 4:22 am

    RE: Brian in Florida who was shooting at transformers to harvest mineral oil for his tractor.. DON’T DO IT! The oil in many transformer have some potent carcinogens in it. Here in Hawaii I’ve heard of a house that was condemned when a transformer exploded and sprayed the house.

  4. duggy dugg
    United States
    January 8, 2015, 7:59 pm

    harold camping was right ..the world did end in 2012 ain’t the same now as then ..point is , the world is mired in debt caused by bent pols and evil central banksters … PCB’s private central banks create the world’s currencies and lend them to the bent gvts ..civs pay the debt created with their national txbx