Emergency Holiday Menus

By Wise Food Storage

As we know all too well by now, disasters and emergencies don’t schedule themselves around holidays and celebrations. A disaster or force of nature can disrupt festivities and traditions and leave a wake of disappointed kids (and adults!). With the holiday season coming up, it’s a good time to consider stashing a few special supplies and making a holiday meal backup plan that will allow you to carry on celebrating family traditions – no matter what is happening outside.

Most celebrations center around big meals, and yes, even in a Plan B situation, it’s easy to keep traditions going with just a little creativity and flexibility. If you find yourself hunkered or bunkered down this season, here’s are two sample celebratory meals you can create entirely from the Wise menu:

Meal Option 1: Classic Comfort

Appetizer: Rehydrated broccoli cooled to room temperature and served with warmed cheese dipping sauce or salad dressing – add any other crunchy vegetables on hand

Soup: Hearty Tortilla

Entrée: Rehydrated roasted chicken drizzled with mushroom sauce on a bed of Pasta Alfredo or rice

Sides: Rehydrated corn in butter sauce, Cheesy Macaroni

Dessert: An assortment of rehydrated gourmet freeze-dried apples, peaches and strawberries dipped in our decadent caramel sauce

Meal Option 2: Hearty Homestyle

Appetizer: Rehydrated green beans cooled to room temperature served with cream sauce add any other crunchy vegetables on hand

Soup: Tomato Basil

Entrée: Cheesy Lasagna

Sides: Rehydrated apples in Yogurt Dressing, rehydrated peas

Dessert: Vanilla pudding with dried bananas


Special Supplies

Forget the emergency lights for this meal, round up all of your long-burning candles and light up table and the room with a soft glow. Make a nice tablecloth out of a clean quilt and set the table, even if you’re using plastic utensils and paper plates.

If you’ve got room, stash a small representation of your normal holiday decorations. Dig out your stored root vegetables and use them as a centerpiece. Stash a tiny Christmas tree and miniature decorations or small Menorah and candles. If you read a traditional passage or story, keep a laminated photocopy with your emergency supplies – just a little bit of thought can go a long way to lift spirits and preserve traditions. Also consider stashing some small, sharable surprises such as a new card game or a classic book that everyone can take turns reading aloud. For birthdays or gift-giving holidays, kids might enjoy simple, non-messy craft supplies so they can make “gifts”.

As long as you’re safe and prepared, the holidays don’t have to be ruined by outside events. Whether you’re sheltered at home or in your bunker, tell stories, learn more about each other and enjoy some time together with no distractions. It will be a holiday to remember.


  1. Robert
    Gillett, TX
    November 27, 2012, 10:39 pm

    The last section, special supplies, was great, I never considered that. I don’t have children but I’m gonna add some items like that in case I’m in charge of kids during a time of crisis. Thank you, it might not save my life but it might keep me sane if something happens.