Top Five Crazy Collections

Collecting is a human trait and people have been building collections of objects since ancient Egypt. Collections are a means of expressing passions and personality and their arrangement gives people a since of order. In fact, most people collect something, whether it be figurines of their favorite animal, memorabilia from their favorite sport’s team However there are some collectors whose passions cross the line into obsession. When their collections start to take over their lives or even get them into legal trouble, then collecting becomes taboo.

In this week’s episode of Taboo: Weird Collections, viewers meet a few people whose collecting has gone overboard. Dug, for example, a foot fetishist, has over 300 pairs of shoes and 5+ million photographs of feet.People keep a lot of strange things and you only have to dig around on the Internet to find proof. Here are ten crazy collections.

1.   Soap Bars

You can never have too much soap, right? Maybe not unless you are Carol Vaughn, a pensioner from Birmingham, who according to the The Telegraph has collected more than 5,000 bars of soap from all over the world. She started collecting in 1991 and has no plans on stopping.

2.   Celebrity Hair

John Reznikoff holds the Guinness World Record for his large collection of celebrity hair. Snips of hair from Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and an impressive number of famous people make up his collection. Lincoln’s hair came from the surgeon who removed the lock from the gunshot wound on the night of his assassination. Considering someone paid $15,000 for a clump of Elvis Presley’s hair, Reznikoff may have an extremely valuable collection as well.

3.  Burnt Food

It’s not just a collection, it’s a musem! The Burnt Food Museum was founded in the late 1980’s starting with a burn pot of apple cider. Now the museum includes items such as “Thrice Baked Potato” and “Why Sure, You Can Bake Quiche in the Microwave.” You check out the museum’s offerings online or in person.

4.   Barf Bag Collection

Steven Silberberg has collected 2216 airsickness bags has descriptions and photos online at his virtual museum. Turns out the not all barf bags are created equal. Are they art? Are they trash? Silberberg invites you to take a look and decide for yourself.

5.   Belly Button Lint

It started as a collection of curiosity. How much belly button lint can one person actually produce? Graham Paddock asked this question and ended up holding the Guiness World Record for the largest collection of belly button lint. He writes,”Some people gaze into their navel for inspiration: I look into mine and see navel fluff. Also known as navel lint, it is that fascinating fluffy substance that forms mysteriously in the belly buttons of special people.” You can read about his collection and fascination in great detail on his site.


Who knew there were so many extreme collectors? Maybe you even know one or are one. Watch Taboo: Weird Collections and find out more about the passionate world of accumulating strange collectables. Tune in Tuesday at 10PM et/pt.


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