American Gypsies: South Beach Invasion

On this episode of American Gypsies, Nicky has moved his wife Christine and their children, Justin, Brittany and Zac down to Florida. Business in New York has been slow, so Nicky wants to use what little savings he has to open a new psychic shop in South Beach. Christine and Nicky visit their new space and Christine’s not happy. The grand opening is in three days; the shop is not on the first floor and with no money for signs, furniture or advertising, Christine is convinced the business is destined for failure.

In New York, Nicky’s rival brother Bobby is trying to get his family up and out of the door to make a flight to Florida. All the brothers like to leave New York in the winter to vacation in the sunshine State. Without his wife around, Bobby struggles to manage his youngest daughters, Amanda and Vivian, and when Chris leaves his expensive stroller on the sidewalk, Bobby sees that it’s tough being a single parent. Upon arriving in Florida, Bobby takes Chris to pay a visit to Nicky’s new shop. When they arrive, Christine and Nicky are fighting and Bobby is unimpressed with the lack of furniture and second floor location. Seeing that Nicky has a potential failure on his hands, Bobby offers to help his brother set up shop back in New York. Nicky rejects Bobby’s offer and is upset that no one in his family believes in him. The grand opening of the shop is close, but Nicky is left to celebrate alone: Bobby has chosen to join his brothers Jack and Joey for a day of fishing. In Bobby’s eyes, Florida is for pleasure not business.

On a night out, Jack tries to get Bobby to forget his errant wife and embrace his newly single life. Bobby gains some confidence but ultimately strikes out with a succession of beautiful Gadji women. At a family meal, Nicky has decided to ask Bobby for the loan to start a new business in New York, but after a few drinks his pride gets the better of him and he insults Bobby’s daughter, Amanda. Bobby then insults Nicky’s daughter, Brittany, but before the argument has a chance to settle down Bobby gets a call from Eric. Their father Bob has been rushed to hospital— he’s had a stroke and the doctor needs permission to operate. With their father in critical condition, it’s up to the Johns family to pull together and support him, and each other.


Tune in to American Gypsies: South Beach Invasion tonight, August 7th at 9P et/pt.


  1. Samantha
    August 7, 2012, 11:17 pm

    I really love watching these shows on Romani Gypsies…’s so interesting to learn all About their culture…..HoWEVeR, I have to say, after watching this last episode of American Gypsy, I am appalled at how idiotic and RACiST the gypsies are! I have always seen the racist side of them in prior episodes, but in this last one, where their father is literally dying in the hospital from a hemorrhagc stroke, these stupid naive gypsies are ranting and raving in the ER waiting room that they cannot trust an American NoN gypsy doctor, and they want a second opinion,
    I mean, seriously…..?? R u kidding…do they think a non gypsy doctor is just going to make up this diagnosis on a ct scan. ? Do they only think gypsy doctors know what they r doing ? Meanwhile, i think it’s very interesting that on the show they say that MOST gypsies canNOT read or write….so how many gypsy doctors r there out there ? Lol !
    Anyway, I just wanted to vent…because I got so upset watching these episodes, especially this last one,…

  2. Gloria
    August 8, 2012, 12:37 am

    I watch the show because of bobby jr. he is so handsome. His wife made a big mistake. He takes care of his children, and his brothers. Smart business man u cant ask for anything more

  3. Precious
    August 8, 2012, 8:44 am

    This is what bothers me. National Geographic wants us to see the gypsy culture but what they are portraying are only lies and I am assuming these people are getting paid well to do what they do best…….and that is con anyone they can. Here are the lies …the kids are not home-schooled..their parents are not educated and most cannot even read so how are they teaching the kids. The kids are married by 15 (some even younger) so so much for continued education. The men do not own car dealerships…..they do body work in parking lots ripping off whoever they can. The women are not psychics….they are con artists and some make big bucks off the suckers who believe them. Most are on welfare because they cannot get good jobs and guess why not???? because they are not educated and they do the same harm to their children as the generations before them did to them. Most are on Medicaid, food stamps, etc. When a girl gets married (which by the way is not a legal marriage) they live with their mother-in-law and give the first child to her (I would think it might be because they are too young themselves to raise kids or an insurance policy that the daughter-in-law won’t leave). They hate Americans but all the men go out on weekends to American clubs and most have American girlfriends on the side. This series is bull. It is just another way that the gypsies have conned the Americans and National Geographic fell for it hook. line and sinker.

  4. Christine Manfredi
    United States
    August 8, 2012, 10:52 am

    Why do we have to be insulted by these gypsies? They call us gaje, even disrespect a doctor trying to save the patriarch’s life. I am offended and wish them all back to where they came from.
    They don’t know how to read or write because education is gaje. They call a doctor gajo? If they were even educated at a 6th grade level, they would have known the only way to save their father’s life was to get the pressure off his brain right away. I think Nicky is certifiable as a psychopath. He beats on his brothers. The only one with the sense God gives out for the asking is Bobby, and he gets the worst treatment of all. Try and get brain surgery in Romania, Nicky. You are an ignorant man.

  5. Christine Manfredi
    August 8, 2012, 10:58 am

    Samantha, You wrote the outrage so well at this ill thought out series. If these folks think we are going to respect them while they disrespect our country, their own women and children, education, then someone is mentally ill. These people don’t have a culture. They have a brutal savagery and an institutionalized idiocy. I love learning about cultures, but the gypsy culture is not really a culture, unless you believe bigotry and ignorance is cultural.

  6. Tephanie
    August 8, 2012, 11:49 pm

    I have to agree I like the show and think Bobbi Jr. is the cute one that seems like a decent person. He seems to be like a good business man. He has his children and takes care of them and his family. I like to learn about other cultures, the traditions and how they live. I think that the gypsies have a very wrong, dumb and judgemental take on americans. You should not be allowed to cheat on your wifes with americans women if you can not date or get married to one. Then for them to think that an american doctor would be wrong or lie to them in an E.R. in a crisis situation. Get real. You do not like people to think you are all scam artist so why judge americans. So to sum it all up we are not your equal. You cant date one, make one a wife/husband, cant go to school with them. Why seek medical help from an american hospital? You guys keep saying that gypsies are scared to loose your traditions and your children will be tanted by americans and judged but you guys are the ones judgying us.

  7. Precious
    August 9, 2012, 7:55 pm

    A few observations from Tuesday’s show. Well Nicky does not have a pot to piss in so where did he get money to go to Florida with his whole family, rent a store in South Beach no less and also have a house there? Also he was driving a car which I am assuming he rented also. Did anyone notice the Handicapped tag hanging from the mirror. I did not see anyone handicapped in his family and I wonder how he got that tag. Now that he gave up that shop I wonder if the guy who printed the signs will ever get paid!! In the first episode Bobby said his wife was in Europe. That is bull. She is probably back with her family because that is what happens when gypsies split up. The women go back to their families and are not allowed to take the kids. It is a well known fact the gypsy men are physical with the women, who by the way, make all the money in the family. All that nonsense in the hospital was for the cameras. The only person to sign permission for the operation was the wife. Another thing, Born Again Christians….are you kidding me? The gypsy men found a religion that they can live with. All is forgiven with the Born Again Christians. If you ask a gypsy guy who is cheating with a gaje if that is against his religion since he is married he will tell you in the Born Again world that is forgiven because “the flesh is weak”. So they found even a religion they can con. They are a bunch of low lives, con artists, thieves, manipulators, uneducated, wife beating gangsters. They drive around with no licenses or car insurance and if they have plates at all they are out of town plates or stolen. They have those temporary license numbers in their back windows that they pay someone to make. I really wish National Geographic showed the true gypsies culture, which is what they said this was. So far it is all staged for the sake of the camera and not a true depiction.

  8. Tommy
    August 29, 2012, 8:56 pm

    Iam rom (gypsy), understanding our culture is not easy. I can tell you that the Johns family is still following old school tradition, lot of that dose not really exsist anymore. I can tell you that family is everthing to us. Respect to our elders is still very important as well as family morals. I love america, I think its the best country in the world and its a country that gives the right to express our culture. The problem is nobdy really knows it. Thats why I like this program it kind of shows who we are kind of!! All families are diffrent. Not all gypsies run psychic shops and still do the mumbo jumbo good luck bad luck stuff. Alot of our people have been following the ways of Jesus christ wich no longer allows us to put faith in nonsense like that. I will continue to watch it is amazing to see. God bless all

  9. Sally kgirl
    September 1, 2012, 6:32 am

    Bobby jr i love to come and see you

  10. Susan
    September 6, 2012, 11:15 pm

    Tommy, that was a great post. You communicated very well to explain that the gypsy culture is very family oriented. I hope the show does help with breaking through the barriers. Gypsies have lived in fear of repercussions that threaten their culture and livelihood. I commend you for your comments.

    As for Precious.. you have a lot of anger towards gypsies. I understand some of what you say as I know of some of those things to be true for some. But as for being known to be abusive (physically) I think that is the person not the culture. I have known many gypsy men and they would never lift a finger to their wives. Sure, I think their families would beat the crap out of them for it. In addition, it is not fair statement to say your comments as it applies to the culture as a whole. Yes, the one I knew did body work but a born again Christians, they would never screw anyone over nor did they do things such as stolen plates, no licenses or no insurance. It sounds like the people you may have known were problematic. But with all cultures, there is good and bad because it is about the people. Gypsies who are real born again Christians ( not like the characters on this show, do not drink or go to clubs. They don’t participate in anything just Tommy said. They are really good people. I know this because when I was a homeless 17 year old kid, they took me in and took care of me for five years. I was one of them and I can promise you, everyone I knew was a really decent person and 17 years later, I have nothing but the deepest respect for that family and their friends. I am sorry you had some difficult experiences but blame it on the person not the culture. There are things about the culture that I found difficult so I couldn’t continue being a gypsy wife but I still have the utmost respect for my ex and his family and his culture. Take care.

  11. Daisy
    Chelsea, MA
    September 12, 2012, 10:48 pm

    WOW!! Do some people have a lot of hate in them lol! I love this show and there are bad and good in every culture no matter what nationality you are and were you come from… I do think Nicki is a hot mess and Bobby jr. is a wonderful man in every way. I’m just curious and would like to see the brothers wives! Why dont they show them? The only one they show is Chris, Nicks wife.. I really enjoy watching American Gypsies and can’t wait for season 2 already! As for people taking offense to them calling us “gaje” I personally ain’t bothered by it because its called american in a different language! Keep airing this show, its nice to learn, see, and understand how different we really can be from each other 🙂 Hey Johns, you have a beautiful family!

  12. Tynetta Moore-Denning
    United States
    September 15, 2012, 7:51 pm

    I love, love this show…It reminds me of my own culture….and how family is the center of it all. Bickering, mistakes, love, and marriage…we all go through it despite what culture we live in. I love tina’s tiger mom spirit and her big heart…she is quite stubborn, but what mother isn’t.

    I’m interested to see a bit more from the female point of view….particularly Bobbi’s daughters…i know they don’t quite agree with everything but would love to see if anyone has come to Bobbi about marriage.

    And to Bobbi, you are totally a catch…I love your strength and of course you are very sexy….

    I’m praying for you father’s great grandfather and mother are still alive, but health-wise they are having problems too..seeing your strength I have faith the he will get stronger….

    Many blessings….can’t wait til season 2….

  13. Roberto
    October 16, 2012, 3:25 pm

    Hello I want to say for those ho are negativ abaout Roma.
    I can say one thing for you peaple out there the Roma peaple has`nt kill samebody and special not to going in the school end kill children and thats is only American peaple ho do that . Roma peaple are no harmles for no won they want only to enjoy the life, thats is Roma.

  14. Eric
    November 5, 2012, 7:18 am

    I don’t think the problem people have with this show/family is as complicated or hateful as some posters are saying.

    Yes all cultures have their criminal/morons. For example the italians have the mafia and some minority still are involved in this criminal activity.

    I don’t think its unusual that other cultures have values/ethics that are different than “main stream” such as the amish.

    Or that there may be lifestyle differences that some find unusual or alien to their way of living such as big city (example chicago) vs rural (example farm in iowa).

    It isn’t even a possible bias against gypsies in specific.

    The problem is instead of doing a show/documentary like they have done in the past with (for example) “amish” type communities but have choosen to to the “reality show” route.

    They have chosen an over the top/kardacian if you will gypsy family. One that (quite frankly) shows the worst of the gypsy lifestyle and blatent involvement in criminal activity.

    Please Natgo let tlc, nbc, lifetime, ect stoop to this blatent lowest common denominator reality crap.

    All you are doing is degrading the Natgo reputation and hurting those gypsy families that want to maintain their culture and come out into society without the worst being assumed of them.

    For example someone may not agree with the amish lifestyle or community, but they get a true view of them.

  15. Damalis
    bronx ny
    November 6, 2012, 3:09 pm

    i love love love this show and everything about it… what if they refer to non gypsies as gaje, who cares? thats they’re culture and i respect it! i can’t wait for season 2…and i also like bob jr but i think what he did at nickys so 16th birthday was crossing the line, but hey we all do dumb things to siblings that i’m sure we regret later. again I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

  16. Sandro Freitas
    December 15, 2012, 6:37 am

    I’m Gypsy Brazil would like to get an e mail from some member of the family.
    Te Aves barralo!!!

  17. Jayson
    December 28, 2012, 3:27 pm

    That is a radically inaccurate depiction of the Rroma culture. And yes, it is a culture. I myself am a Romanichal, and an educated one. This show is outrageous, it shows a family that lives more like they are on jersey shore than anything closely Rroma related.

  18. Tom Canadian
    January 3, 2013, 12:58 am

    I am king of the gypsies in Seattle and put other gypsies in jail for no reason because I have cops on the take