Dog Whisperer: Jersey Shore Dogs

The Jersey Shore may be infamous now for its party scene, but long before it became a haven for debauchery it was known as one of the premiere vacation destinations on the East Coast. Generations of families have flocked to the Shore to find rest and relaxation, often bringing their beloved pets with them to join them for some fun in the sun. For the three families featured in this episode, it is these beloved pets that are preventing them from enjoying everything that the Shore has to offer.

When Kim and Bill Mastriana decided to get a dog for their family, Kim knew she wanted a hypoallergenic breed. Eventually she found a breed that she liked, the Chinese Crested dog, but her son and husband were less than impressed. After a lot of cajoling, Kim got her way, and she adopted a female Chinese Crested she named Monaco. Almost immediately Kim decided she wanted a second Chinese Crested, but she had to wait a few years before she was able to convince Bill that they could breed Monaco and make money. When they first brought Venice, a male, into the picture, Monaco wanted nothing to do with him. Fortunately, Monaco soon had a change of heart and Kim literally threw a wedding for the dogs. After Monaco gave birth to her first litter Kim convinced Bill that they should keep the puppies, and so Rome, a male, and Honolulu, a female, were adopted into the family. Monaco and Venice have had behavioral problems their entire lives, but with four dogs the problems have amplified. If any guests come to the house the dogs will bark incessantly, nip at people, and cause general chaos.

Next Cesar meets Charlie, a one and a half year old Mastiff mix, who is more than his owners can handle. Adam Pitonak had never owned a pet, but had always wanted a dog so he and his girlfriend, Kristen Ludwig, decided to find a puppy. A neighbor rescued Charlie but couldn’t keep him, so Adam and Kristen took him in and quickly fell in love. They figured Charlie would be a medium sized dog when he grew up but he has grown to be a huge dog, weighing between 90 and 100 pounds. Charlie’s sheer size makes him almost unmanageable and Kristen is unable to walk him because when he pulls on the leash, which is often, he has enough power to pull her over. It is even difficult for Adam to walk Charlie, and Adam isn’t exactly a weakling. Inside their home things aren’t any better: Charlie chews on everything. He has destroyed two comforters and eaten through three remote controls. Charlie is also large enough that he can jump the low backyard fence and run around the city. Adam and Kristen know that they are ill-equipped to deal with Charlie and hope that Cesar will show them how to get their dog under control.

Finally, Cesar visits Bambi Short. Bambi is very close with her mother, Sharon De Castro, but for the past two years there has been a strain in their relationship caused by Bambi’s two Miniature Dachshunds. When Bambi and her husband Fran decided to adopt a dog, Bambi knew she wanted a Mini-Dachshund because she had fallen in love with the breed growing up. When Lilly came into their lives she had behavioral problems right away – she nips and barks at everyone. Because of some medical issues when she was a puppy, Lilly wasn’t enrolled in puppy training classes for very long and what she learned was not reinforced by her owner, Bambi. The medical problems also hindered Bambi’s ability to walk Lilly, so she never got a lot of exercise. Even though Bambi knew Lilly had behavioral issues, she made the decision to adopt a second Mini-Dachshund, a male she named Ben. Unfortunately, Ben also has behavioral problems and when the two dogs get wound up they are completely intimidating even though they are so small. Sharon used to watch the dogs for Bambi and Fran when they would go out of town and would always welcome the dogs into her home when her daughter visited. All of that has changed as the dogs have aged. Ben and Lilly are such a nuisance that not only does Sharon refuse to watch the dogs for Bambi, she won’t even let them in her house. All Bambi and Sharon want is to put an end to the discord between them and once again enjoy each other’s company.


Watch Cesar help these troubled dog owners on Dog Whisperer: Jersey Shore Dogs, tonight at 8P et/pt.


  1. Marie Brown
    July 28, 2012, 9:24 am

    This question is for Cesar Milan. I have two dogs one is 12yrs Lab and 1 yr. beagle. Just a few weeks ago we found a kitten on our porch. I was wondering how to introduce the dogs? How hard is it for them to get along. We tried slow introduction put dogs on leashes and they try to launch at the kitten. The kitten returns a hiss back at the dogs. How long or will they get along? The kitten seems very comfotable with us and I hate to see it go to APL. Please help us save the kitten.

  2. Mellisa
    July 31, 2012, 4:16 pm

    I have a 1 year old male Great Dane and I am at a cross roads with him. From the day we brought him home a year ago we’ve had behavioral issues. We did puppy classes, walks and training books. He seems to still have issues with children under 6 years old. He actually nipped my neighbors 5 year old daughter in the face. It was terrifying not only for her but I was as well and she did nothing that I could see to provoke it. She was ignoring him actually. If I cannot get him figured out then he will have to be given away and that’s the last thing I want to do, and honestly this is his only flaw is the trying to eat little kids as we put it. Please help anyone,

  3. cherie raposa
    north port fl
    April 28, 2014, 8:50 pm

    I just got a 3 mo. old puppy, mix breed, very sweet. I have a 5 yr. old aussie mix. just lost our 17 yr. old Pomeranian. my always sweet aussie is snapping at the new pup, she has never shown any aggression, ever, I have made sure that she is still getting lots of attention. she will play with the pup, but it scares me that she will snap at her for no reason. please, any help would be appreciated.