NG Channels Viewer Favorites Week of July 9, 2012

It appears I’m a bit behind on the viewer favorites, so catching up this week.  On NGC, American Colony has been on ratings fire, leading our overall series almost every week.  Along with Taboo, although usually its our Sunday premieres that are strong – this time, Saturday repeats came in the top 5.  Down to the Earth’s Core, which was a quasi-sequel to our big space special, Journey to the Edge of the Universe, premiered to great ratings on Sunday, July 15th.  A CGI spectacular that takes you through all the layers of the earth and down to the core, bringing you the science of the planet and vastly different than Jules Verne’s vision.

Over on Nat Geo Wild 3 of the top 5 spots were Caught in the Act, which features the kind of spectacular, unexpected moments that reminds us that nature at it’s wildest is nothing less than awesome (end marketing moment).  #2 was Unlikely Leopard, a film by Dereck and Beverly Joubert as part of our Big Cat Initiative.  Narrated by Jeremy Irons, this is an amazing coming-of-age story about a young male leopard, Dikeledi, clumsily learning to become a leopard.  That’s not marketing, its just awesome.