London Invasion! Cesar goes to the UK

This season on The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan travels to the United Kingdom to help troubled dog owners and their less-than-proper pooches. In the first episode of the season, Cesar meets with Dominic, a thoughtful 17-year-old, who has had one too many out-of-control walks with his two Jack Russells, Tyson and Jesse. Tracy Nolan and her family took in a feral street dog named Molly who has turned extremely territorial toward strangers, other dogs, and even children. The Nolans hope that Cesar can show them how to properly introduce Molly to new dogs and how to curb her territorial behavior. Melanie’s beloved Dalmatian, Cooper, is a large handsome dog whose personality turns ugly around house guests and on walks. Mel is concerned that this behavior could evolve into more dangerous habits.

Cesar’s next adventure in the UK starts on the wrong side of the law. Sally has a mixed breed pooch, Herbie, who was taken to court and put on trial for his life. Now Herbie must always be muzzled in public. If he can be proved safe the order could be revoked, but if he gets into trouble again he might be destroyed. Cesar steps in to help this doomed dog walking. Harriet and Matilda Thorpe are sisters and successful actresses who live around the corner from each other. They adopted German shepherd litter-mates Bruno and Diesel, who have grown wild and dominant with one another at the park. The sisters hope Cesar can teach them how to properly walk their dogs so they can once again enjoy living so close. Cindy and Nick have a peaceful existence, except when it comes time to load their 8-year-old English cocker spaniel, Paddy, into the car. They hope Cesar can show them a better way so they can bring Paddy on more trips.


Don’t miss Cesar’s adventures in the UK on Saturday, July 7th beginning with “Horrible Hounds of the UK” at 8P et/pt and followed by “London Calling!” at 9P et/pt.



  1. Yvette E. Davis
    St. Petersburg Florida
    July 7, 2012, 9:21 am

    Have you ever encountered a dog that so vicious that it considered untrainable?

  2. Cam
    July 7, 2012, 8:41 pm

    They keep referring to the black dogs as long-haired German Shepherds but I do believe they are Belgian Sheepdogs.

  3. betty jean jeffreys
    hereford AZ.
    July 22, 2012, 6:34 am

    i have seen and even trained a few dog.i have a 10yrs old red nose pitbull dog that changed to wanting to fight all most every other dogs.i need to know if you have any way to help with my little bit?i want to beable to run the yard with our other to dogs.she dont fight with her son but when little bear come around little bit ots pver the fight is going to now little bit is ketp in a pen while the other 2 gets to run over the (almost)5 acres pen in the yard it really kills me!!when my EX-BOYFRIEND went to perison thats when little bit started wanting to fight other dogs!! i am out of ideals so PLEASE PLEASE HELP LITTLE BIT GET THE FREEDOM OF RUNNING AND PLAYING WITH THE OTHE 2 DOGS AND ONE CAT TO WITH OUT HER TRYING TO KILL THEM!!WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND I CAN UNDERSTAND THE ONES THAT FIGHT NEED MORE HELP!!!LITTLE BIT ONE TEEN AGER AND PUT IN THE POUND BUT IF SHE HURTS FIGHT ANOTHER DOG THEY WILL PUT LITTLE BIT DOWN THAT WOULD JUST KILL ME!!!

  4. TJ
    November 13, 2012, 8:39 pm

    We have a rat terrior that will stop barking at one of our household members. Heidi is 2 years old and everytime she sees Josh she barks out of control, she will growl and sometimes bark just when he opens his bedroom door. I would appreciate any help you could suggest.
    Thank you in advance,