Untamed Americas: Coasts

Stunning HD cinematography in Untamed Americas brings us on an epic yet intimate journey through America’s Coasts… among the most diverse and dramatic shores on earth.  Shaped by three great oceans, America’s coastline twists well over 100,000 miles almost from POLE to POLE… the only contiguous landmass to encompass nearly every latitude.  We travel from the cold, deep Pacific, to the idyllic warm paradise of the Caribbean Sea… from the icy waters of the Arctic, to the southern oceans at the end of the world.  America’s shores are home to extraordinary life… and awe-inspiring spectacles that could only be found here!

Sea lions of Peru’s South American Coast: Raising a Sea Lion family is no less challenging… living alongside one of the harshest deserts on earth.  Luckily, seas along the Pacific coast of South America are among the richest on earth.  But while one mother is out hunting, her week-old son must fend for himself, in a land of dangerous marauders.  He could easily be killed by any of the frenzied males patrolling the beach… unless mom makes it back in time!

Mobula Rays: Among the most impressive spectacles in the America’s takes place off the Baja Peninsula. It’s not a single animal… but tens of thousands! A massive school of Mobula rays envelop everything in their path. Among the largest ever filmed. An enormous cyclone moving together as one.  Each with a wingspan as long as 10 feet, they fly out of the water and through the air in a stunning display.  And then they are gone…

Jellyfish:  Right in our backyard, off the coast of California, an army lies in wait—the polyps of the jellyfish. When the time is right, hundreds of millions of jellyfish swarm into Monterey Bay. But this is not the entire tale. Look closer. Living on the jellies is a rarely-seen world of alien creatures also battling for their own survival.  Amphipods, tiny parasitic crustaceans that kill jellyfish. But these jellies have security.  Tiny crabs have also hitched a ride on the massive jellies and wage war on the gnawing pests.

Sharks of the Caribbean Sea: The warm shallow oasis of the tropical Atlantic is paradise… and hands down, sharks are the apex predators here.  We witness the birth of a lemon shark… but will she survive?  She’s been born in the middle of Hurricane Alley! Our young lemon shark survives the storm… in the safety of the mangroves.

Gentoo Penguins of the Falkland Islands: Life is hard at the southern end of the Americas… But it’s perfect for penguins. Follow as a young male penguin learns how to get the girl… but then comes face to face with the Penguin’s arch nemesis… the sea lion!

Spinner Dolphins: One of the largest resident pods of dolphins in the New World survives in this tropical paradise.  With intense social lives, these dolphins actually spin to communicate. But life here is so good, these Spinner Dolphins can focus on more fun activities… like mating: Both males and females mate with multiple partners at a time.

Whether in the Atlantic or Pacific, in the poles or the tropics, America’s coasts provide some of the greatest spectacles on Earth.


  1. Greg
    Palm Springs, CA
    June 18, 2012, 2:53 pm

    This show was absolutely stunning visually as well as artistically. The information delivered in the show was just astounding and amazing I can’t stop watching.