Travel Bloggers Share Their “Untamed Americas”

For the past month or so, we’ve talked a lot about exploring the “Untamed Americas” in our own backyards.  From Alaska, all the way down to Patagonia, there’s so much to see and experience.  If you watched the first two episodes of Untamed Americas last night, you certainly caught a glimpse of what’s out there and there’s so much more!  Read on to hear from a few of our favorite travel bloggers as they share their experiences along their travels through the “Untamed Americas”.

Maria at The Cultureist dives right in, discussing her amazement at the natural wonders she came across in Costa Rica, sharing, “It’s not every day you come face-to-face with an insect the size of a teacup. The experience is rather otherworldly as your brain tries to evaluate exactly what it’s seeing. You begin to wonder if someone is playing a practical joke on you, or perhaps the creature is, in fact, an extraterrestrial being that landed on the wrong planet, or maybe it really isn’t there at all and you’re simply hallucinating from some strange tropical disease you’ve caught while trekking through the rainforest.”


At Over Yonderlust, Erica shares her own experiences in the rainforest, this time in Bolivia, where she even got nipped by a Pink River Dolphin!  From the Amazon to “Death Road” to the Uyani Salt Flats there was plenty to be amazed by – Erica marvels, “Not only do you visit a country that is vastly ignored on many people’s lists but the sights are just incredible. I became enamored with nature. We really are living on an exquisite planet.”


Oneika at Oneika the Traveler takes us to Peru which she calls, “a country of contrasts”.  She goes on to share, “In this one country I got my colonial city fix in Lima and Cuzco, I beheld the jungle ruins of Machu Picchu, and got sand in every imaginable orifice in the Peruvian desert.  So while the name ‘Titicaca’ may have once incited a giggle from me,  its mind-blowing landscapes now prompt a long, low whistle of incredulity.”

National parks are the backdrop for a many of the stunning events that take place in Untamed Americas – so it’s no surprise to see national and state parks, both in the U.S. and outside of it, inspire a sense of wonder among some of the bloggers we spoke with.  As Adam from Travels of Adam notes, “America is one of those places where its nature is really a big part of what makes it so special. Sure, America has big cities and a lot of industry, but it’s the national parks which make it so special and unique—from the Grand Canyon to the Appalachians.”  He goes on to discuss Hammonasset State Park in Connecticut, which he used to visit as a kid stating, “Hammonasset’s rocks are where I learned to love the beach—and it wasn’t even very sandy. Snakes and crabs wander between the crevices while waves loudly splash up onto shore. To me, this is America. The natural beauty of a rough terrain.”


Bethany at Beer and Beans takes us to the American west through a photo essay of U.S. national parks.  She shares, “From the giant boulders at Joshua Tree to the Grand Tetons, the American West is a schizophrenic landscape where everything seems super sized. And despite centuries of migration to the region, this section of the United States remains largely untouched, enabling visitors to view areas of the western frontier as Lewis and Clark did nearly 200 years ago during their western expedition.  There’s an awakening that occurs when you venture from the highway into the empty spaces of the Wild West for the first time. A normally silent wind can sound like a freight train swirling around your head as you look out from a vista towards the horizon. With no noise from the highway, city or even your neighbors, you’re free to be wild again.”


Adventure couple Dave and Deb share their own travel experiences in Algonquin park in the Canadian wilderness describing, “With your head down, you are startled as you turn a corner and happen upon a mother moose and her calf chewing on long grass while standing in the water in front of you….We saw many things during our 10-day canoe trip through Algonquin park such as great herons, otters and even had a curious bear intrude on our campsite one evening but we will always remember our quiet encounter with the moose and her calf as a special moment in time where we came face to face with a powerful wild animal in an untamed America.”


And finally, Nomadic Samuel shares an experience from another park, a long way from Algonquin – Iquazu Falls in Argentina.  With his attention focused on the beauty of the falls, he was surprised by a pack of strange animals who took an interest in his camera bag, placed haphazardly on a nearby bench.  He goes on to describe, “It was an encounter I’ll never forget.  I was half terrified and half mesmerized.  To encounter wildlife I had never seen before in such an intimate manner was truly a momentous and unique moment; however, I also realized it could have potentially been dangerous.  I live for these travel moments.”

To read more be sure to click over for the full posts, many of which include some amazing images of the experiences described above as well as a wealth of inspiration and resources should you be inspired to plan your next trip!  Once again, we’d like to thank the travel bloggers who joined us on the Untamed Americas blog carnival, as well as everyone who took time to check out the series and share their thoughts through blogs, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Join us again tonight Monday, June 11th at 9 and 10 pm ET/PT for the premiere of Untamed Americas “Coasts” and “Forests”.


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