Behind the Scenes of Untamed Americas: The 8-Legged Box

For most wildlife filmmakers, the typical battle is finding the animals they are looking for. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to spot the desired species. But for these Untamed Americas filmmakers, they had the opposite problem. Animals were  everywhere.  In order to get a shot of a huge beach of sea lions just beyond a cliff, they had to get through about a half a million nesting birds. Not wanting to disturb the birds to avoid the risk of them abandoning their chicks and nests, the team had to come up with a solution. But how to get through them without disturbing the peace? Pile inside a little box and shuffle along the seaside. As it turns out, slowly moving boxes are not threatening at all. This tactic was not comfortable or easy, but it got the job done. Check out the 8-legged box in action in this behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming mini-series Untamed Americas.

Narrated by Academy Award-Nominated actor Josh Brolin, the four-hour high-definition mini-series event UNTAMED AMERICAS premieres over two nights: SUNDAY June 10 at 9PM et/pt and MONDAY June 11 at 9PM et/pt.