Amish Out of Order Recap With Mose: Mending Fences

The following is written by ex-Amish community leader Mose Gingerich who’s featured on the new series Amish: Out of Order:

About Last Week’s Episode:

A Camry Hybrid running out of gas…. Right! So in my good ole Camry’s defense, there was just a little more to this then just running out of gas. My trusted GPS Navigation system was the bigger default here. When I got into the car to go to the baptism, I plugged in the address, and it said 26 miles to destination, 28 miles to empty. Always one to walk on the edge of the fence, I made a decision. Do I stop and get gas and show up at the last minute, or do I go to the baptism and live on a hope and a prayer that there is a gas station close by? I decided it’s more important to make the baptism. The rest is history. I get to the destination that my technologically impaired device called the GPS pointed me to, circled the 1 mile block like 4 times looking for this destination, and when I finally realized that I was at the completely wrong place, and like 20 miles from the actual baptism, it was too late. Not only couldn’t I get a hold of anyone of the few people I had made an acquaintance with in Ohio by then, because they were all at the baptism with their phones shut off to vibrate, (I assume) But I was out in the middle of nowhere Ohio, far from any gas station. I suppose it only makes sense that we narrowed the whole confusion down to me just running out of gas. Otherwise, pretty soon I would be doing a commercial for Toyota, it’s hybrid mechanism, it’s Blue tooth, and finally it’s GPS/navigation system, which, in it’s defense, I blame on a confusing Ohio land layout. Sorry, all you Buckeyers, you have some curvy roads and confusing over and under passes and intersections.

However, in all that confusion, I stumbled across Joe Keim and MAP (Mission to Amish People) Ministries. Some people in life who have a calling, you sometimes feel like they could do just about anything, and should also be in other fields. I do believe Joe Keim is exactly where God wants him, and is doing exactly what his calling is for him. I have rarely had the opportunity to meet a man who gave his whole life and trust so completely in God. I know, like Danny Gingerich said, that Joe Keim has caught his share of criticism, but I truly don’t believe that he could quit doing what he is called to do even if he tried to. The world, the Amish, the ex Amish, and yes, God, need him right where he is.

Might I add that this was the hardest episode I have ever done or watched of anything I’ve ever done. I fought tooth and nail against doing the part where I try to reconnect with my mom. The sole reason being that I knew she would be devastated when she found out. However, since I had talked to the man above multiple times before I finally committed to being a part of this show, I, same as Joe Keim, put my faith in God to guide me on this journey I was on during the filming of this show. Might I also add that there were parts, besides the story about my mom, that I battled against, but in the end I truly and completely believe God was guiding me and planning ahead for me on this journey. Looking at it from that perspective, I can’t disagree with anything that happened or how it was aired.

And BTW, for those who have questions regarding whether or not I have found my salvation in Christ the Savior, or whether I am still searching, I am very happy to inform you that I have indeed given my life to God! I still do have some battles, but every time I talk to God, it becomes easier, and I am becoming closer to feeling free from some of my chains that held me fast for so many years! In other words, it is not an overnight thing. However, I think anyone who has walked in my shoes, can agree with me that gradually it becomes easier and you become stronger and more sure of what to listen to and what to disregard.

One of the things I battled against on a daily basis during the filming of this show, was making myself out to be a leader or mentor of the ex-Amish in Columbia, MO. I might state that I am a very reluctant “credit taker” on this. There are so many older ex-Amish in Columbia who do at least as much as I do or even more, who deserve praise or would make a better leader or mentor, but I suppose the difference is, I am the one who chose to tell his story.

That being said, I have no regrets so far for my role in this series. I did what I started out to do, said what I wished to say, and I have received an unbelievably large amount of feedback and support from people who’s lives have been touched by watching this series.

I am very happy to say that I do have several brothers who have also left the ex-Amish living in Wisconsin, who have made my life out here easier. It is such a “burden lifter” to have some older brothers to look up to for support!

For those of you that may have been confused about my having been out of the Amish for only nine years, but those letters had been hidden in the upstairs for like 16, let me briefly explain. When I was 16, I left the Amish in Wisconsin, and Gordy took me in and I lived there for about 6 months. At 16, the change was too big, and there were not that many ex Amish in Wisconsin back in the mid ’90s, so I went back, taught School for 5 years in the Amish community, and finally at 22 years old, left again. This time I left for good. I honestly didn’t remember the letters and songs I had hidden up in the attic. It wasn’t until I stood in that upstairs and the memories started flooding over me from that time in my childhood, and where I was at in my life at that time, that it all came back to me. I remembered how much value I had put into these songs and poems, and I knew if I took them home, how I knew they would be burned, so I left them at the house with the intentions of some day going back and getting them if I ever left the Amish again.

As far as Curtis. Yes, there have been many who have come to me trying to get to the Ex Amish. As it turned out, Curtis wasn’t able to handle the spotlight too well. He ended up trying to do more stories in this area by telling the newspapers and TV networks that he was born Amish and converted to Mennonite, when in all actuality, he was a troubled teen Born and raised in the outside world, had some problems in high school, who somehow during the filming of this show, was trying his hand as a Mennonite.

Photo courtesy Mose Gingerich
On the Set of Amish: Out of Order

Coming Up in Tonight’s Episode:

Now, If you think episode 6 was a tearjerker, I regret to inform you that episode 7 will be even deeper and heavier. My road trip continues, takes me to PA again, and I meet some really interesting former Amish men there. Did I find even more answers there? Not that I am trying to make excuses, but I can honestly say that I was in a haze for the most part when I was with these guys, so I am for the first time, watching this episode from a complete viewers angle. What I saw, made me cringe, and I suppose in fairness to myself, I may not have put out there so openly had I been in my right frame of mind.

Did I encounter any life changing events during this trip? All I can say is that I came away with a lot more to think about, different perspectives on a lot of things in life, and again, no regrets.

As I sit here in my safe, cozy little office at work waiting for someone who may be wanting to take advantage of our Memorial Day savings here at the dealership, on this Memorial Day, I can’t help but contemplate the fact that this series, my and my friends’ stories, and so many other simple pleasures in life are possible because we have so many Men and Women laying their life’s down for me and you, so we can go about our life’s peacefully. I am overwhelmed by the realization that I have a great and fulfilling life, family, and oh so many friends who I can hang out with!

God Bless America, our freedom, our troops, and our rights!

Until next time, Bleib fescht im Glava!

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  1. chris bradley
    staten island new york
    May 29, 2012, 8:30 pm

    Mose Mose Mose why are these people being taken out of the frying pan into the fire??? I find these pentecostals and such just as repressive as where they are coming from. What is wrong with just following the commandments? No lying no cheating -you know just following the basic rules. Why are they going from one oppressive restrictive group to another???

  2. Ricky Elliott
    The Dalles, Oregon
    May 30, 2012, 6:05 am

    I was very puzzled about who the Amish will forgive… they will forgive those who kills their children, but will not forgive their children for leaving their community. How can they not see how mixed up that is? I realize, as a Christian, God wants us to forgive all who hurts us, but the first would take alot more to forgive than the second. Have they ever heard of the prodical son? How the father forgave his son with open arms when he came back.

  3. Ellen
    May 30, 2012, 9:13 am

    You are an inspiration Mose and you should not feel the need to cringe about anything on last nights show. I admire you very much and you have helped so many and will help so many more.

  4. Cynthia Zirzow
    Lucas, OH
    May 30, 2012, 10:35 pm

    Thank you!! The world is broken, and Jesus and God knows that! My family feels our American culture has lost the importance and need of forgivness and the need to be loved…Thank you! We are Catholic…please don’t stop reading now because I said that…lol
    You are so doing God’s work and bringing God’s grace to people…you gave it to me…Did I say thanks? oh yah, In my small community we deal with so many broken marriages, we are all trying to raise the kids…Every religion is broken and every person is..but faith in god and Trusting in him, calling for more, despite where you worship, helps you to “hear, listen, and follow him”. You get that!! I am so proud that National Geo. channel is introducing this to our country, and that you and your family, ( your wife is a saint, ok, I am a Catholic…:) ) and you are recognizing the need for forgiveness! God Bless you….The heart has always been the way to God, no matter how you get to his…I am NO EXPERT, but I have been blessed and loved by him, and I am so broken. Love ya all and blessings to you all! Thanks for doing this show! You are a modern warrior! CZ

  5. Ron
    May 31, 2012, 6:00 pm

    Mose I think you are a wonderful person who is still searching for a meaning to your direction in life. Life is just what it is and it is often luck that determines where it leads you. In reality there is no god and this is why religious people must come up with convoluted meanings and signs for what happens. Letting or condoning other religious dogma to replace the Amish one is not a good course. I fully understand the need to help people who are brave enough to get out of the Amish but they need more secular, non-religious help, not more meaningless indoctrination.

  6. Carla Barnes
    Altamonte Springs, FL
    May 31, 2012, 10:42 pm

    Dear Mose,
    I am so proud of what you are trying to do. The counceling sessions and bible studies in your home are a Wonderful idea. No one is going to hell for leaving the Amish! Jesus died for all of our sins, not just one or the other. We are born sinners and he knows it. Please do me a favor and check out allaboutgod,net you will find a community from around the world that will really help everyone the Loves Jesus Christ as Our Savior. Also, please stay away from the Pentacostal religion. If anything would help in your community it would probably be a Non-Demominational Christian Church. They do not speak in tonges and do strange things that make you uncomfortable. They just preach from the bible and most have bible study groups on site. I will pray for you that you get the guidance that you seek and that your personal relationship with the Lord will grow and bring you pure joy in your life and the lives that you touch,
    God Bless You Mose.
    Carla Barnes

  7. Lisa Neidler
    Pendleton, SC
    May 31, 2012, 11:26 pm

    I really hope Mr. Gingerich reads this. Please go to the following web site and check out our church. I believe you may decide to speak with our pastor after you do. His name is Perry Noble and our main campus is in Anderson, SC.

    I pray that God continues to bless you in your journey.

  8. Amy
    Salem, OR
    June 1, 2012, 5:08 am

    I stumbled across this show tonight, flipping channels late at night, and I couldn’t stop watching. Of course, whenever I see Christianity depicted on television, I metaphorically hold my breath, waiting to see how sympathetically it will be portrayed. I was very pleased with what I saw, Mose, both in your own honesty and in the respectful editing. To Chris, above, I will say that I hear where you are coming from, but I grew up Pentecostal, and I found it to be liberating rather than restricting, especially as a woman. But I also understand Mose’s experience; if you haven’t grown up hearing people speaking in tongues and seeing them slain in the Spirit, it can be very odd, if not uncomfortable. But I think what Pentecostals have gotten right is to recognize that through his Spirit, God has the freedom to move in our lives in new and dynamic ways. Mose, I am excited to hear that you have found your way to a genuine relationship with God, and to see the healing that he is already bringing to your heart and soul. In your willingness to be vulnerable in public, you also open the doors for others to heal. May God bless you and your family, and your entire community in Columbia, as you continue this journey.

  9. Mitch Alexander
    Tulsa, OK
    June 5, 2012, 5:25 pm

    I am grateful for this particular episode. I did not grow up as an Amish, but I have extended family that are Old Order German Baptists and in many ways similar to Amish and Mennonites. I grew up in the Jehovah’s WItness religion and they too think they are the only “true” religion. I don’t believe there is a true religion.

    I was born empathic and did not understand that I was so different from most people. I had a base understanding of GOD and had to be won over by reason not emotional religious outbursts.

    I was abused by many people in the religion and of course many more people outside the religion. Anyone who does not suit our ideal religious iconography “deserves: abuse or rejection.

    I few years ago I had e nervous breakdown and I walked away from GOD, the Jehovah’s Witness religion and those I once called family all at the same time. After time went on I realized I could have the kind of relationship with GOD that works for me, but I have gone through a lot of the same feelings of isolation that the former Amish have talked about.

    It is true. We all suffer from trauma from childhood. Many times it was not done on purpose but out of ignorance of our particular needs. Many of us suffered mental, emotional, physical, sexual and yes, spiritual abuse.

    I am going through a lot right now in response to many memories that keep flooding back after I wrote a book about how I survived cancer. Knowing what happened to us is not enough, we must understand how we felt and then neutralize those upset feelings.

  10. Barbara Forrester
    July 5, 2012, 11:51 pm

    Dear Mose,
    I accidently came across Amish Out-of-Order and couldn’t
    stop watching it.
    I am a born again Baptist Christian that loves Jesus Christ my Savior.
    I pray for you, your family and all the Ex-Amish.
    God so loved us He gave His only Son so that we will
    have everlasting life.
    God Bless you Mose and continue doing your good
    works and believe in Jesus our Savior.