Greetings from Yellowstone!

Last week the Nat Geo Channel PR team spent a few days in Yellowstone for an Untamed Americas press junket. Several of the scenes featured in “Mountains” were filmed in the park – so naturally it was the perfect setting to screen the episode and experience firsthand the beauty and wildlife depicted in the series.

On hand were two producers from the series – series producer Karen Bass, and Andy Mitchell, who worked on the “Coasts” and “Deserts” episodes. Not only were they able to point out exactly where they shot some of the key scenes for “Mountains” but as you can imagine, after spending the last two years filming, had some pretty crazy stories to tell.

Also joining us on the trip was our friend and wildlife naturalist Casey Anderson – a native Montanan, he showed us the ins and outs of the park while sharing his passion for the environment with us.

A few of my personal highlights?

  • Meeting Brutus at Casey’s backyard bbq on Cinqo de Mayo, while eating elk meat burritos – two firsts!
  • Two words: Super Moon! Or is that one word? Either way, it shone a bright welcome against that big Montana sky for us.
  • The ooohs (and sometimes ewwws) and ahhhs heard during the never before filmed scenes in our “Mountains” screening (just wait until you see the tube-lipped nectar bat and you’ll know what I mean!)
  • Our Yellowstone tour guide Rob – what a treat to see the park through the eyes of someone so passionate about it that he’s made it his home.
  • Seeing a bison give birth! Well almost – we couldn’t stick around for the whole thing – too much to see!
  • Hearing how Andy Mitchell lost half his pinky while filming “Coasts” (now that’s dedication!)
  • Getting stuck in a Yellowstone traffic jam – translation: Bison crossing. Here in DC, where NGC headquarters is just a stone’s throw away from the White House, it’s usually the president causing the traffic jams – in Yellowstone, it’s Bison. Clearly two different worlds.
  • Karen Bass – this woman has been all over the world and has incredible stories to tell, both about the amazing things she’s seen and holding her own as the only woman filming in some pretty remote places with a crew full of guys. It’s safe to say that I have a total girl crush AND am keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of “Freaky Friday” moment where we switch places for the day.  That could happen, right?
  • Watching Old Faithful erupt by moonlight.  Too cool.

I could go on…and on and on. But after being reminded of how much there is to explore, right here on this continent, in the US, and in our own backyards, I’m off to plan my next adventure.  Perhaps you’re feeling equally inspired?  Show us your “Untamed Americas” on Instagram and you could win some fantastic prizes.

Stay tuned for more news and photos from our trip and to see us in action, check out video here from Gardner Loulan, who documented our trip in 15 second clips on Tout

Narrated by Academy Award-Nominated actor Josh Brolin, the four-hour high-definition miniseries event UNTAMED AMERICAS premieres over two nights: SUNDAY June 10 at 9PM et/pt and MONDAY June 11 at 9PM et/pt.

Photos courtesy of Karine Aigner/NGC



  1. Imelda Y. Gamonez
    May 16, 2012, 1:31 am

    I like the bisons, elks and mooses

  2. James garner
    Jasper Ga 30143
    May 24, 2012, 3:02 pm

    I would like to get videos of quad Mom &wild life in Yellowstone. Will that be on the Nat Geo channel later.I read the article in USA 5 23 12 Interesting.Another sub, This seems like an interesting field, We have several Granddaughters, one finished High school, & one Junior in college. How would the pursue possibilities in this field.