Amish Out of Order Recap with Mose: Culture Clash

The following is written by ex-Amish community leader Mose Gingerich who’s featured on the new series Amish: Out of Order:

I remember exactly the time and place I was walking when I got the call from a private number. I answered and a voice said, “Is this Mose Gingerich? This is Highway Patrol Officer ____.” Anytime I get a call like that, my heart drops out of my bottom. I knew someone was in serious trouble, if not dead. There is also some calming sense that washes over me when some completely unexpected tragedy like that pops out of nowhere. Instead of folding up on the floor or panicking, I remember asking details in a clear voice. Over the next few moments, I gathered that Jonas S. had had a pretty severe car accident, had responded when officials arrived upon the scene, but was not responding now. I was also told he had been thrown out through the moon-roof of his car, landing right over the edge of the shoulder of the road. The car had sailed over the top of him and landed up against the fence. He was en route to the hospital.

Episode 102 “Culture Clash” in review:

As before mentioned, I was in the air to hang with Anderson Cooper when 102 was being aired. I apologize to readers and Twitterers for not being available during this time, and hopefully this won’t happen again. I did, however, watch the episode. Obviously one of the most talked about topics was about the chicken getting slayed by a quiet looking Kansas girl trying to show an English girl the ropes of being Amish. I was neither for or against the airing of this. In other words, I grew up on a farm seeing and helping my mom and sisters do hundreds of these procedures during each summer for English people who would then come in and buy them dressed. I felt if this was in some way educational to Michaela or viewers, then rock on!

Watch a clip of Mose talking to Anderson Cooper:

Speaking of Michaela, when she contacted me through Facebook early in 2011, and told me her story and sincerity of going Amish, I was skeptical. However, she didn’t go away, and after a month of communicating back and forth, I agreed to meet her and give her a few lessons on Amish life. I think the reason I was drawn to her and helping her was because I saw myself 10 years ago–a kid who needed help, needed change, and was reaching out to someone for that. To me it really doesn’t matter whether you’re English, Amish, or any branch of numerous other religions or sects of people. What’s important is that–if you are miserable or unhappy with the life you are leading, and you feel you can be a better person and make a bigger difference somewhere else–I will do what I can to make that happen. For way too long in my life, I needed someone in my life to help me reach that place and achieve those goals, and for that reason, I have always had a soft spot for the underdog struggling to get his or her head above the surface.

Many, many of you are emailing or asking me if she then went back? I guess the end of the episode did make it sorta look like her story was over. My answer to you is this. Her story continues. Making that transition is one you can’t make overnight. She will be a pretty big part of the rest of this series, so of course, I don’t wish to ruin the end of the book for you in the first chapter.

As far as Cephas, him and myself would have long, heated debates on credit and do you need it or not in life to get somewhere. All in good fun of course (whereas the note he showed to the camera, of which I still have a copy of). He was a very opinionated kid with huge aspirations, which I’ve never faulted him for. A kid with more dreams, goals, and potential then most ex-Amish kids I know. He was elated when he got his “good faith” loan to buy his first house, and promptly called me to “rub” it in to me that he succeeded without credit.

My birthday party came after a very long, stressful day at the dealership. My lovely wife asked me out to dinner, and afterward she wanted to go dance at Whiskey Wild, probably the largest Country bar in Columbia. I halfway suspected something, but wasn’t sure I had the energy. However, it is amazing how a fifth wind can kick in when you walk through a door and see a bar full of close friends who want to celebrate a birthday with you. I turned 32 on July 27, 2011.

Coming up in Episode 103 “Can’t Go Home Again”…….

Jonas’s accident, which I touched upon above, and how difficult it can be for someone like him struggling already to make it in the outside world, and then still have past doors closing even harder on him. [Watch a video clip.]

We see some of the outside influence of people from around Columbia or other parts of the country coming into Columbia and trying to convert these kids to different beliefs and religions. Let me state for the record that I have had thousands of people contact me for these kids’ numbers or emails because they seem to see innocence, vulnerability, or someone who they hope to convert to a religion or belief they strongly believe in. I have never, and probably never will, give out contact info for these kids. They have gone through way too much by leaving the Amish, and need to learn a certain amount of things on their own.

Once again, thank you for all the people who are hooked on Amish: Out of Order, or people who even watch not because they’re hooked, but because they are curious or wish to educate themselves on this culture. Always feel free to respond to my blogs! No questions are too dumb, and myself, Amos, Jonas, and the rest of the group love to hear thoughts on the show.

I will be doing “Live Tweeting” again Tuesday night during episode 103. Follow me at @AmishNCity.

Until next time… Auf Wieder Sehen!


Watch a preview of TONIGHT’S EPISODE: “Can’t Go Home Again” —  When ex-Amish teenager Jonas S. finally passes his driver’s test, he’s overjoyed with his new-found independence. But just weeks later, he has a terrible car accident– and the news that Jonas may not survive sends shock waves through the Columbia ex-Amish community. Premieres Tuesday at 10PM et/pt


  1. Houston
    May 1, 2012, 10:09 pm

    As I watch this show it seems that amish way of life borders terrorism tactics. I am not sure what percent of the world is Amish but I’m guessing less than one percent. Its kind of disturbing to think that they think everyone else in the world is doing religion wrong. It’s fanatical to me to tell your children they’re are going to burn in hell for not being amish. But that is not my biggest issue with the amish or ex-amish. My issue is the way you say you’re English or Amish and not American. They are born in America. They probably have birth certificates and social security cards like all other Amicans. But they don’t call themselves Americans and they abandon their kids when they turn away from that life. Hell, in that is the case they might as well stone them or beat them with sticks. I will forever view amish with contempt and look on them with disdain for being terrorist in America.

  2. Mr. Mose Gingerich
    [Address Redacted] Louisville, Ky
    May 2, 2012, 12:11 am

    Mr. Gingerich
    Hi seen the show with lots of interest ..
    As a kid 2 Amish Family lived by grandparents farm, Grandparents were friends with both .
    At 14 I gave one Amish boy 14 also a small tranister radio, everything was good untill a younger sibling told on him !
    That was end of me comeing around him ..
    I have owned small amount of property Outside Eldon area since 1975 ! And meant some ex-Amish tradesmen that did work for me .. Both guys married English women, so did’nt go over well ..
    I am a Empty Nester now, Have room to help any Amish kid adjust to world of the English ..
    I am a 2 time Honorabley Discharged Vietnam veteran, Retired after 27 years service Ky. state law-inforcement ..
    Raised a step son ! He turned out to be a fine man ! I am very proud of him !
    I can provide nice home for 1 or 2 boys, Great area, Lots of Adult Ed. support & U of L close to house . And UPS pays employee tution at U of L & hires lots of young kids as package handlers ..
    I am sure there must be some kids I could help in my area ! As I come & go several times a year back & forth to Mo. even a kid from there be ok ..
    But would like to help some these kids . I don’t know anything about the Amish Under-Ground Railroad !
    But if some Amish kids in Ky. or Ind. need help be happy to do it . Please put them in contact with me ..
    I my self proscribe to no religion & have no axe to grind there with the kids .. Thanks Hope Hear from you ..


  3. mary
    May 2, 2012, 12:55 am

    I take offense to being called english we are American black white italian irish etc we fought hard for this country and to have amish who sound like they have 3rd grade education living on this great land its a joke , join the military get an education you have so much to learn your promblems are nothing you have so much to learn about this world we are AMERICANS

  4. jason
    dearborn, michigan
    May 2, 2012, 1:12 am

    I’d like to say that where the amish would say to jonas that his accident is a sign from god to come back, we as christians would say that him surviving that crash was a sign from god that know matter who he is he’s worth saving…. Know God, Love God its that simple…. he knows we’re humans he made us duh…

  5. Becky
    Nashville, TN
    May 2, 2012, 11:59 am

    I was raised in a religion called The Truth which is a modern-day version of coonenites. We were raised the same way the Amish were only with modern conveniences. The damage that the judgment of the elders does is irreversible. I feel for all these young men on the show because I’m 49 and still can’t get over the threat of hell.

  6. elissa
    Houston tx
    May 3, 2012, 12:57 pm

    I really enjoy the show but it makes me and to think about all the things you lose when you choose to live away from the Amish. I really admire hoss and mose for helping them find their way in such a different world. If I lived in a place where there were Amish I would want to help. I also want y’all to know that there are many different religions and I think God is kind and as long as you believe what ever you believe you will go to heaven or where ever depending on your beliefs. I just want y’all to know there’s a lot of people who are rooting for yalls success.

  7. Kathy McGowan
    Orlando, Fl
    May 9, 2012, 1:46 am

    Mose, you asked tonight if you were good enough to go to heaven. Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news is, no but nobody is. The good news is, Jesus is good enough and you go based on his qualifications and sacrifice. Read Eph 2:8-9.

  8. tanya
    May 9, 2012, 1:56 am

    Im in the same position as you at age 36.. But I was raised mormon pls contact me we have a lot in common and I would like to hear from you

  9. Vestidos de Noiva
    Netherlands Antilles
    May 10, 2012, 7:46 pm

    Hi I’m Abeln Kriegler, a Canadian, originally of Nova Scotia, living life across the pond in London, England with my beardy British beau and a very cranky cat.

  10. CA Mom
    May 22, 2012, 11:10 pm


    You are a light to those Amish that are not able to confine their God given passions to the direction of men. God made each man for a purpose, and this is known and realized when we shine for Him, out in the world, but not yielding to the ways of the world. Jesus spoke to people, as he walked away from the Pharisees who thought they knew better than even Him! Stand tall on the Word of God, love Him first, and shine for Him! We are praying that you can wake up more “vessels” to be used in the passion God intended them for! They should seek first God’s Kingdom, and pray for those not yet believing they can hear directly from God! We thank God for you!