NG Channels Viewer Favorites Week of April 16, 2012

Amish: Out Of Order premiered this week on NGC and we’re extremely excited about the reaction we’ve seen to our new series.  One of the strongest starts for a series in the spring ever, continuing a record breaking ratings month for the channel.  Wicked Tuna continues to go strong on Sunday nights and Doomsday Preppers ended its first season as the highest rated series in NGC History. Whew!

As for Wild – another strong week with Dogs and Elephants really pushing the ratings for NG Wild.  Dog Whisperer took to of the top 5 spots as Cesar continues his calm, assertive behavior on Saturday nights.  The premiere of War Elephants on Sunday was the highest rated program for Wild – which is also on a record setting pace.  Elephants: the Dark Side, a repeat on Wild, led out of War Elephants and also performed extremely well.

Top Shows Week of April 16