NG Channels Viewer Favorites Week of April 9, 2012

Spring is in the air and viewers are giving NGC and Nat Geo Wild record viewership levels.  Continuing the remembrance of the Titanic disaster, Save the Titanic was the #1 show on NGC this week, with 2 repeats of the James Cameron special, Titanic: The Final Word also finding top spots on the network.  The 3D movie was up to $47 million last I saw it and ABC and History also aired their specials this week.  Outside of the Titanic, Wicked Tuna continues to run with huge ratings on Sunday nights (stay tuned for this week’s episode #4, its a good one) and we got a surprise this week with our science special: Sex in the Stone Age, about, well I suppose that’s rather obvious.

Over on Nat Geo Wild, Casey Anderson hit his highest ratings to date with America the Wild: Grizzly vs. Polar Bear.  Casey was in the Wild office yesterday talking about next season’s show topics – we’re very excited about what’s coming up for Casey.  However, it was a predator week as the perennial favorite, Icy Killers: Salmon Shark was the top rated show for the week, followed closely by the 2-hour special, Predators of the Sea, both of which aired this past Sunday night.