Spotted: Space Shuttle Discovery on Final Flight

For those who never made it to Kennedy Space Center to watch a shuttle launch, the chance to witness one of the now-retired space shuttles in flight was an opportunity not to be missed. Lucky for me, Nat Geo headquarters is conveniently located in Downtown D.C., close to the area where the space shuttle Discovery would make multiple patriotic flyovers across the National Mall. Bystanders flocked to the streets, got on top of their cars and work buildings for a chance to witness the air-parade of sorts. Others sprinted across the streets dodging cars to get a shot. The eruption of applause as the shuttle flew overhead was a touching and emotional experience. It only makes sense that some onlookers got a little teary-eyed to witness what was such an instrumental player in the NASA Space Shuttle Program in the air for the last time. Among other things, the legendary Discovery was the most flown shuttle, responsible for getting the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit, and was the first shuttle to return to flight after the tragic Challenger disaster. We salute you, Discovery, thanks for the final show.