#WickedTuna Twitter Round-Up

The ratings are in, and the premiere of Wicked Tuna on Sunday night was a huge success. It was also our 4th most buzzed about premiere on Twitter since last summer. Here’s a collection of what people have been saying about the show.

@TBlakeEdwards #WickedTuna has got me hooked… pun intended…

@Alex_pritika #wickedtuna may just be the best show I have ever seen

@dobrienNU Never realized catching tuna was so intense.

@BigCatPritika I would have never thought fishing would be fun to watch but #WickedTuna is legit

@paige_hartman #WickedTuna makes me miss Boston! Wicked pissah dude!

@jimmydunncomedy These fishing guys seem to spend a lot of money on embroidery. #WickedTuna

@dancody2 “You guys are all pricks” #WickedTuna Classic Gloucester talk.

@BestCompanyEver “Wicked Tuna” wins our award for new TV show name that sounds most like a 90s ska band.

@jessgainey think I may have chosen the wrong career #WickedTuna

@Marcbabs #wickedtuna = wicked awesome

@hearttrend dear god that fish is huge #wickedtuna

@MaryMallard If you’re not watching Wicked Tuna, you should be.

@eckelr wicked tuna is an awesome show. so many southies.

@hansbejb Wicked Tuna…bunch of guys from Southie catching wicked smat tunas

@jacksonja11 Wicked tuna is freaking awesome #:-)

Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #WickedTuna. We have an encore showing tonight at 10 pm e/p. Plus, from 10 – 11 pm ET, chat with Dave Marciano, Captain of the boat “Hard Merchandise” – he’s on Twitter, @CaptMarciano.


  1. Steve corbett
    Gloucester ma
    April 3, 2012, 6:53 pm

    so far I’m disappointed I thought the first show would be better

  2. Dave Cason
    April 7, 2012, 11:47 pm

    Holy Crap – I’ve never heard such a bunch of whiney little pukes than the people on those boats! Boo Hoo – he’s following me and watching what I do or parking his boat near me.
    If you don”t like it quit …. but you won’t find a better job than that where you “work” for 2 months and then sit on your butts for the rest of the time on welfare or unemployment insurance.

    And watch … there’s nothing more whiney than fisherman anyway … wait till they take all the bloody fish and deplete the entire stocks ….then what Capt Hindgrinder, guess yer gonna have to go get off your butt and get a real job but you’ll whine about that and how its all you know how to do and blah blah whine whine just like all our stupid newfies did up here in canada the early 80’s after their daddy’s and grand daddy’s took all the cod ….. you’ll see!!

    BTW – go watch a video called “The end of the Line” then you’ll see how noble these fishermen are !

  3. snakey Dave
    April 12, 2012, 8:44 pm

    I agree, the show isn’t much to watch. In fact I think it su#$s!! It’s a poor portrayal of our area fisherman as indicated by Mr. Casons disgruntled comment. They do whine, and they do bitch, but none of these guys, with the exception of Marciano, are commercial fisherman. They all rely on “real jobs” to pay the bills. I just hope the ratings aren’t high enough to warrant another season of this crap.

  4. Pam
    May 1, 2012, 12:20 am

    Wahhh Wahh Wahh….so much whining in this show. The guy from Tuna.com is like female, just hateful and obsessed wih being the best. Please don’t bring this crap back!

  5. bkbythesea
    May 20, 2012, 4:06 pm

    Wow. What a bunch of F-ing whine bags that posted above. They { the boat crews } ALL have other jobs. They are NOT on welfare when not fishing, and they do BUST their backs trying to provide for themselves and families. If any of you lazy asses ever got off your duff and tried what these guys do every day you’d be a little peeved once in a while too. Lobster-men, fishermen, and even hunters on land will bitch when someone goes on their so called turf that they haved worked for years. Its just how it is. ,

  6. Tommy
    Great state of Texas
    May 25, 2012, 7:56 pm

    i like the show.
    im not a fan of reality shows but this one is great!

    years ago i worked an outage at the nuke plant near wiscassett maine. some of the employees at that plant parked their tuna boats along the dock at the plant.
    totally awesome sight.

    the guys at maine yankee were very nice. they explained how the tuna fishing could bring in some serious cash.
    i had to head home to texas before the tuna fishing kicked in that year, 1997.

    this show is like karma for me, i can finally see what those guys were so excited about.

    please keep the show going, its alot of fun to watch.

    paul, seriously, get your own boat and give tuna.com a run for the money!

  7. Brad Robinson
    February 16, 2014, 10:15 pm

    I Love the show… Way Better than Duck Dynasty… These guys are fishing for a living.. I’d be upset when someone jumped my spot.. Really like the New boat HOT TUNA!!!!! Nice first week for you guys TJ…. Wish Dave would have bumped a fish.. I like the way he fishes…. As for .Com and Pin Wheel ,, Not so much… Great fisherman but too much drama…

    I wish Paul and his Bro. would have been on this week… My bet is this years winner will be Paul on his new boat Or TJ….

  8. John D. Seymoure
    Jacksonville, IL
    May 17, 2015, 7:26 pm

    TJ. I was rewatching the one where you gave Dave numbers to fish and he caught 3 and didn’t tell you anything. He acted when you confronted him like he couldn’t talk cuz of people on the radio. But Dave clearly said he was planning on passinv you and not telling you shit! Now if I was you I would get everyone who fishes out there to make sure Dave didn’t fish anywhere without someone being his Shadow for the entire season! Might put a GPS ON HIS BOAT SOMEWHERE AND FIND OUT WHERE HE IS EVERY TIME HE FISHES LONGER THAN AN HOUR ANYWHERE! He doesn’t deserve to have any friends the way he is treating you. I have news for him Karma will catch his ass. He reminds me of some horsesasses I grew up around. Thinks he is hot shit but it will catch up with him. He will lose something of great importance because God will even things out!

  9. John D. Seymoure
    Jacksonville, IL
    May 17, 2015, 7:39 pm

    Old Dave is Happy he is standing there gloating how he fucked you TJ and being a smart ass saying ” Where’s the fish? Where’s the Fish! He is going to run into a drought that no one has ever seen one of these days if there ever was a God! Dave doesn’t deserve any fish. Going to Turn and burn and keep that streak going! He is making a mockery of you and your friendship! I hope no one helps that POS! underbelly of a snake is higher than that turd is! You guys should run through his lines when he is on. and Fuck him up. He is worse than I thought Tyler acted last year but Tyler is 10 times the man that turd is! I would have jumped on his boat and kicked his ass when you asked him in person if I was your first mate cuz he took fish from all of you guys on that boat. He could have had a signal to let you know that he was catching fish after he caught 2 but he wants to bury you in the Deep Blue Sea! I’d fuck him up! I can’t believe he is that bad of a fisherman that he has to resort to this kind of shit! What goes around comes around!

  10. Alfonso Gonzales
    San Francisco ,California
    May 18, 2015, 9:34 am

    I love the show but I wonder if it is that superficial by intent of shows producer or these guys really that immature and shallow.i
    Ove the excitement of catching the fish but all the shenanigans between the captains with one exception Dave of the Hard. Merchandise. The egos between Dave and Tyler is venomous and Dave’s real true self is showing it’s all about me attitude.