March Madness: Scavenger Edition

Scavenger Sweet Sixteen

There’s a pecking order in wild, and each animal has different strong suits. While the rest of the country is putting up their basketball brackets, we’re placing our bets on the maggot winning our very own scavenger battle. Check out the competition highlights below and see how the maggot defeats animals like the grizzly and mountain lion to take home the title of scavenger sweet sixteen champion. And, to see all of the competitors in action, tune in to America the Wild: Yellowstone Scavengers Monday at 9P et/pt on Nat Geo WILD.


Round One:

Pine Marten vs. Black Bear: Pine Martens ability to be quick and to slip in and out with out conflict wins over black bear.

Wolf vs Carnivorous Beetle: The wolf’s ability to work as a pack beats out the beetle.

Fox vs. Skunk: The skunk bravery and tenacity outweighs the sly fox.

Coyote vs. Golden Eagle: The eagles keen vision beats the nose of the coyote.

Grizzly vs. Mountain Lion: The grizzly’s strength and nose beat out the mountain lion.

Maggot vs. Bobcat: The maggots masses beats out the solitary bobcat.

Magpie vs. Raccoon: The magpie win over the raccoon for its ability to take flight.

Turkey Vulture vs. Raven: The turkey vulture’s unique ability to smell beats out the raven who can not.


Round Two:

Wolf vs. Pine Marten: Wolf wins over pine marten for its ability to cover a lot of ground.

Skunk vs. Golden Eagle: Skunk beats eagle because of its teeth and claws.

Maggot vs. Grizzly: Maggot beats grizzly because it can eat well with others.

Turkey Vulture vs. Magpie: Turkey vulture beats magpie because of its ability to live in many different environments.


Round Three:

Skunk vs. Wolf: Skunk beats out wolf for its ability to live in close proximity to  humans.

Maggot vs. Turkey Vulture: Maggot beats turkey vulture because of its ability to eat in places  other can’t.



Skunk vs. Maggot: Though the skunk has an amazing “secret weapon” in defense, the  maggot can do it all, and just about eat anything dead.



  1. Vanessa Dalton
    Bath, NC
    March 19, 2012, 10:14 am

    I was hoping the Skunk would prevail! It’s the one creature people won’t hang around and observe for fear of becoming very unappealing to noses!

  2. lisa
    March 19, 2012, 10:30 am

    Turkey Vulture and Maggot are my picks

  3. Ms. Wuf
    March 20, 2012, 9:00 pm

    Yep, Duke (Skunk) and Carolina (Maggot)! This year may be the year of the wolf!!

    Show on this?

  4. ghasemzadeh masoud
    April 7, 2012, 9:28 am

    i need to black bear pictuer