Warrior Graveyard Comic #3: Samurai Back From the Dead

Tonight, starting at 8P et/pt, Warrior Graveyard will uncover some extraordinary warrior skeletons from history:  Samurai, Crusaders and British Navy to tell the forensic story of these combatants and their role in important moments in history. The results reveal deeply personal stories of human conflict and survival. Comics are an exciting visual medium that can tell stories in unique ways. NGC asked new comic writing and artistic talent to bring these stories to life in comic form and tell the stories we feature in Warrior Graveyard in a more unique a fashion.

Over the past few days leading up to tonight’s Warrior Graveyard three-hour event, we’ve released free comics that correspond with each topic featured. First we brought you Navy of the Damned, then Ghosts of the Crusades, and now, the final comic, Samurai Back From the Dead is here.

In Warrior Graveyard: Samurai Back From the Dead, the discovery of a mass grave on the outskirts of Tokyo, could hold the secrets to the bloody birth of the most feared and revered warriors of all time: the Samurai. The chilling burial ground dates back to 1333. The fallen were the victims of a bloody conflict that engulfed the region, the people of Kamakura incurring the wrath of the Emperor of Japan. Forced to fight to protect their liberty, the scene was set for a series of battles:  fights that escalated in violence and ended with a bloodbath on the beach at Kamakura.

The television event starts tonight at 8P with Navy of the Damned, Ghosts of the Crusades at 9P, and Samurai Back from the Dead at 10P.

And if you missed any of the other comics previously released, here they are:



  1. chris
    April 9, 2012, 11:28 am

    Will Warriors Graveyard be repeated on National Geographic in the UK as I have only seen the C4 version and wonder if it was any different.I played the sailor who fought the slave on the lower deck.