Warrior Graveyard Comic #2: Ghosts of the Crusades

Warrior Graveyard uncovers some extraordinary warrior skeletons from history:  Samurai, Crusaders and British Navy to tell the forensic story of these combatants and their role in important moments in history. The results reveal deeply personal stories of human conflict and survival. Comics are an exciting visual medium that can tell stories in unique ways. NGC asked new comic writing and artistic talent to bring these stories to life in comic form and tell the stories we feature in Warrior Graveyard in a more unique a fashion.

During the three days leading up to the Thursday night Warrior Graveyard event, we’ll be releasing three free comics that correspond with each topic featured. Yesterday, we released Navy of the Damned, and today we’re releasing Ghosts of the Crusades.

In Warrior Graveyard: Ghosts of the Crusades, wounds on the bones of six fallen Crusaders reveal what really happened at the bloody battle of Jacob’s Ford in 1179. Forensic examination brings to life how these fallen warriors fought – and died. Every sword slash, every arrow hit, an insight into a day which changed the course of history. Six lives, six stories, six skeletons transformed into Crusaders, brought back from the dead.

Be sure to tune in Thursday night at 9P et/pt as part of the three hour Warrior Graveyard event, and check back with us tomorrow when release the third and final comic: Samurai Back From the Dead.