NG Channels Viewer Favorites Week of Jan 30, 2012

This week on National Geographic Channel, NGC saw significant growth against the Superbowl, up 17% from our ratings against last year’s broadcast.  Impressive for our channel since the Superbowl was the most viewed program in television history.  NGC did not quite crack that record, but we’re happy regardless.  Alaska State Troopers claimed the top 7 rankings on our network – from our Superbowl Sunday marathon leading up to the 10pm premiere.  Outside of the AST, our special on the Two Million Year Old Boy on Thursday and a repeat of our special that took us Inside the NSA on Monday were also highly rated.  Since I can’t help my excitement, here’s a sneak preview of next week’s ratings- Doomsday Preppers was our highest rated shows on Tuesday in the history of the network!

On Nat Geo Wild, our annual Predator Bowl, a marathon of predatory animal docs which runs against the Superbowl led most of the viewing.  Strange that both NGC and Wild had their best days of the week against the biggest program in TV history.  Big shows on Sunday included Africa’s Deadliest, Predator Battleground, World’s Deadliest and Lion Battle Zone (premiere at 10pm).  Other good shows for us included American Cougar, an incredible program that originally premiered in Big Cat Week last December.