How Hard Can It Be?

How Hard Can It Be…to fly a house with balloons, send a rocket to space, or dive the deep ocean floor? Welcome to the one place on TV where you can find out. Three ultra-ambitious hosts tackle fascinating engineering tasks with nothing more than ordinary materials and their infectious, boundless enthusiasm. 

Vin, Paul and Eric are a team. They have been building crazy machines and fabulous inventions together for years. Sometimes for profit, sometimes just for the heck of it. 

The Crew

Vin Marshall  (The Ringleader)
Vin writes for national magazines about his wild projects (as well as the reasonable ones) and co-edits an online arts/culture/mayhem focused group called Tango Echo. He is an Ivy League graduate, an Eagle Scout, and, somehow, also a maniac engineer. His overactive imagination sets the stage and his determination sees it through. He is continually walking the line between chaos and engineering, fantasy and reality.

Eric Gocke (The Henchman)
Gocke is a grown man with the energy of and enthusiasm of a 6 year old. His ankles are held together by metal pins and his hands are riddled with stress fractures. Hidden just beneath his boyish smile are the weird ideas that push all his projects over the edge into outright madness. He has a number of dubious “inventions” and a healthy appreciation for the comedic value of a well-placed explosive charge. 

Paul Carson (The Engineer)
Paul holds a mechanical engineering degree from Penn State and while his attempts to build things sometimes fail, his engineering sense is dead on. He measures error in the manufacture of airplane engine parts for a living and hangs out in the workshop for fun. In comedy terms, Paul is the straight man. To everybody else, he is a magnet for abuse. He has been a consistently good sport for the past decade and a half, ever since Vin dared him to ride a BMX bike sideways out of a moving van. He took the dare and won. The good times haven’t stopped since.

National Geographic Channel has sent them the toughest, funnest task of their lives – to see if they can achieve ambitious engineering goals using materials and knowhow that anyone could acquire. There could be trouble ahead – but one thing is sure – we are going to discover a whole lot of real info and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Join us for two episodes of How Hard Can It Be? Sunday, Oct 2 at 8P & 9P e/p.