Tweet Live Tonight with Locked Up Abroad’s Daredevil Drug Runner Chris Chance

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Tonight, Chris Chance will be tweeting live along with the premiere of his episode of Locked Up Abroad: Daredevil Drug Runner. Follow @LockedUpAbroad on Twitter at 10 p.m. EST to watch and chat live with Chris. In the meantime, check out some our most pressing questions… and get ready to ask your own tonight.

Can you explain a bit more about your arrest with the busload of hashish… You mentioned that your phone calls were tapped. Had Paco set you up, or were you being monitored by the police?
Paco’s phone was tapped and his gang had been under surveillance by the Secret Police for more than a year.

How long had you been smuggling drugs before you were finally busted?
Approximately two years.

Did you ever speak to Paco again?
Not after the trial. He was sent to Malaga prison and I was sent to La Moraleja prison in the north of Spain. Paco kept out of my way as best he could.

What was prison like? Did you have your own cell? What did you eat? How did you pass the time?
Read my book, ‘Carabanchel’ for the real full description of a journey through Hell. Life was truly abysmal until I got the job of martial arts instructor in the prison gym. The food was disgraceful and I was once served a pig’s ear for lunch. Things improved dramatically when senior officials befriended me to recruit me into their drug smuggling operations. Corruption was rife; read my books to see what it was really like. I passed my time teaching martial arts in the prison gym.

You mentioned conversing daily with Susan through letters. Did you ever allow her to visit you in prison?
No, never. I held the belief that she would be out of her mind with grief if she was ever to see the Carabanchel, or indeed any of the other prisons I was held in.

For the rest of the interview, click here. Be sure to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. EST for the premiere and Twitter chat. And here’s a sneak peek from tonight’s episode:


  1. Alberto
    October 1, 2012, 2:53 pm

    I’ve just finished watching the episode and I can’t believe what I’ve seen. The buildings and people of the film are like they should be in some african countries, but not in Spain. Maybe National Geographic doesn’t knows (it must) that Spain is in Europe, not in Africa. I wish you not to repeat this error in any other content on your channel.