How You Can Help!

blog post photoTrevor Frost is an explorer, field biologist, photographer, and conservationist. He has spent the last 5 years working with scientists and conservation groups to save endangered wildlife and wild places.

The coolest thing about the National Geographic Channel Expedition Granted contest, even cooler than the money, is the audience the contest provides Dash and I to speak to about these important issues. Everyday, millions of people watch the National Geographic Channel, and it’s this audience that provides each of us with an incredibly special opportunity, at a young age, to reach people who can join us in our respective conservation efforts. And so, with everyone listening and with this unbelievable audience, I’d like to use this last blog post to tell everyone how they can help, in simple ways, to take better care of the parks in their backyard or other parks around the world. 

1) Check out Wildlife Direct. They are a great non-profit organization that provides funding directly to park rangers and scientists and helps them communicate their stories through a wonderful, and very popular, blog. Please consider donating to help a park ranger or scientist working to protect our wildlife and wild places. Most of the rangers and scientists are only asking for small donations, for example $20 for a new pair of boots. 

2) Read this article. Then follow the suggestions and links in the article to find out how you can help monitor a chunk of rainforest using satellite images from Google Earth to keep an eye out for illegal activities (logging, mining, road building, etc.).

3) Start with a park in your backyard. Find local organizations that are dedicated to taking care of the park that you enjoy the most. Give them a donation if you can or volunteer a weekend to help them with a community project. It is really easy! For me, that is the James River Park System, the park I mention in my first blog post. There, there are a number of great organizations, whose work I admire and help when I can. My two favorite are the James River Outdoor Coalition and the Friends of James River Park. 

4) Last, but not least, vote for me!


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