Today’s Featured Artifacts

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Get excited, some really cool artifacts and prizes are available today. On your tiny Mission Expedition exploration, you may come across a National Geographic portable solar charger. Recharge your iPod, iPhone, GPS, digital camera, MP3 player and most cell phones with this portable powerhouse! Of course there are plenty of amazing DVDs along the way, including the incredible story of When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs.

Now on to the artifacts… we have tracked an actual Yeti footprint made from a cast of a frozen print discovered by distinguished British Himalayan mountaineer, Eric Shipton in 1951. This print shows an opposable big toe common to all apes.

Also up for grabs is a beautiful steatite scarab from New Kingdom 1570-1070 B.C.

Take home a piece of history and happy exploring!

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  1. Yasser elnahas
    September 8, 2013, 3:47 am

    Very Nice scarab