Beast Hunter Live Tweet is Tonight!

BIG thanks to Pat Spain for making tonight’s series premiere so much fun! Seriously, how often can you watch the live television premiere w/ the host of the show himself?? 

And we’re live with @patrickspain on Twitter for the premiere of Beast Hunter: Man Ape of Sumatra. We’ll be re-capping all of the best tweets from tonight’s LIVE-tweet premiere of Beast Hunter! 

@ This tribe was so kind and welcoming. I loved spending time with them

@ That bow and arrow you just saw are on my wall now!

@arlohemphill It would be so beautiful if the ground sloth was found to still be alive. That’s the #wilderness romantic in me…
@ I absolutely wouldn’t rule it out!

@ 1st sting was under my middle fingernail, then tip of ring finger, then ball of hand…I can still pick out each sting…it was horror
@ You honestly stop thinking after the first sting…

@ The other initiates joined mer on the boat and put their hands in the ice. I was called their brother and welcomed into the forrest

@I went nuts, headbutted the prodcuer, tried to bite the cameraman, ran off and just ran and ran until I was held down…

@ Ants are HUGE and they hiss at you! They are worse than wingless wasps
Niki_Smokes: Umm, New England’s Red Ants are intense enough for me.. no thanks..
JennLatelyHow long did the pain last? The look of pain on your face is almost to much to bear.
maigencwe hurt for you right now!

@ You may have the best job in the world, top 3 for sure. What first peaked your interest in Cryptozoology?
@ Marine Bio and the giant squid. I love how mysterious the world still is!

@mslynnie5 just thought you should know you have my 3 boys mesmerized! They think you are the coolest 🙂
@: Aw, thanks so much! I’ve never been cool before! =)

@that looks miserable! You poor thing, I hope it was worth it
@It was absolutely worth it! I loved every second, even the rough parts!
@  how long did it take to hike into the crater? and are the canoes just there to use?
@It was about a 2 day hike to the crater and then we had to wait for the canoes. We had arranged it a few weeks before

@: At this point, I was soaked through, my sleeping bag was soaked, I had a terrible stomach bug, and that night, I had rats bouncing off of me

A hair color chart was introduced to help the Sumatrans communicate to Pat what color the man-ape known as “Orang Pendek” was:
@ That hair-color chart was a stroke of genius! I have to credit the amazing Barny, our poducer, with that idea!
@ says I secretly keep hoping someone points at the hot pink hair color on your chart!
@ replies I was secretly hoping the same thing.. =)

@ asks What’s it like to be the JT of the cryptid world?
@ replies Hahaha! I was confused for David Beckham and Chris Martin while in Sumatra, I went with it =)

@That hair-color chart was a stroke of genius! I have to credit the amazing Barny, our poducer, with that idea!

Question: mobGoosedo you still staying on Sumatra now?
Answer: : I haven’t been back to Sumatra since, but would love to.
@In addition to channeling a tiger, they also cured me of a car-demon that’s been bothering me for years =)

@These Shamans were incredible. It was so intense in there…lots of insence and the smell of blood…

@These kids were such hams! They loved the camera and we had so much fun hanging out with them!

@That Orang is named Pinkie, and here’s a clip of her getting to know me a little too well…

@About 5 hours before this, I was rolling on the ground vomiting and convulsing.

@Debbie was an incredible source of information. Such a great lead!

@Those women were hysterical! They made a few off-color contents about our 6′ 9” AP Alex and a certain part of his anatomy…

@That market was overwhelming…smells and crowds and wild looking veggies

@I had to stand completely still on that corner in NYC for 10 minutes

@This shoot in NYC was a great time! My father came down and met the crew and we filmed at the Charles Fort archives

@I can’t believe I am actually writing this…Beast Hunter, a TV series I hosted with Icon films and Nat Geo is about to start!

Tonight at 9P et/pt, our very own Beast Hunter @patrickspain will be live-tweeting the premiere of our newest series, Beast Hunter. Join in the conversation with hashtag #BeastHunter and be sure to ask Pat your questions as you watch… aren’t you dying to know what was going through his head when he put his hands into a glove made of venomous Amazonian bullet ants??

Be sure to check back here later for a full play by play of tonight’s live-tweet event!


  1. GilinSC
    March 5, 2011, 3:52 am

    I really enjoy the show and your determination to try and do things you know will push your limits. It shows your serious dedication to living curious and experiencing things firsthand. I wish you well and I hope to see more of your adventures. I am curious. Where are you from Patrick and how do you handle knowing the potential dangers around you in your travels? You are real brave. People like you amaze me.