Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss is the world’s most famous creature creator, and in honor of his birthday today I couldn’t help but point out the striking similarities between his Three Hump Wump and our Sea Serpant of the North, also known as “Caddy,” as seen on the upcoming series premiere of Beast Hunter.

Play the Beast Hunter interactive and see if you can spot Caddy… maybe we should have added a Wump to the scene to throw off your scent, because as you can see… kind of similar, right?

blog post photo

Well, maybe it’s a stretch… but Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss all the same. If you don’t know what the rest of the Wump looks like, click here. And be sure to tune into Beast Hunter this Friday at 9P et/pt. To tide you over until then, check out this sneak preview: