Bear Attack

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Naturalist Casey Anderson raised his six-foot, 800-pound best friend – grizzly bear Brutus – from birth. And for the last five spring seasons, Casey’s been safely studying wild bears’ natural behaviors in a cabin just west of Yellowstone.

Ninety-nine percent of Yellowstone’s visitors never leave the park roads. Out in the backcountry, the park embodies a whole new wildness, mystery and expansiveness. But backcountry Yellowstone is also bear country, and more than half of grizzly attacks are provoked by surprise encounters.

One of Casey’s friends, Jim Cole, has had several brushes with bears at close range. As a wildlife photographer for thirty years, Jim’s taken countless pictures of bears. But three years ago in Yellowstone National Park, Jim had went into the backcountry all alone – to a place he had been many times before – and was suddenly attacked by a grizzly bear. Jim’s facial bones were shattered, his left eye was destroyed and his right eye nearly blind. He was swiftly losing blood and nearing shock.

But why did an unprovoked grizzly bear attack him? And how did Jim manage to survive?

Join Casey Anderson as he interviews bear attack victims and analyzes the reasons behind a bear’s aggressive behaviors on Expedition Wild: Inside a Grizzly Attack toight at 8 PM et/pt on Nat Geo Wild.

Video Preview: “A Grizzly Birthday” — Brutus the Grizzly celebrates his 8th birthday with a cake, balloons, and even a salmon piñata!


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