Swamp Predators

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Billie Swamp Safari– an animal park run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida – is home to many notorious creatures, like diamondback rattlesnakes and American alligators.

Usually, the animals co-exist peacefully. But when the park’s best-laying hen, Cindy, goes missing, Park Director Ed woods is on the lookout for a predator on the prowl. 

Although rain has erased any prints left behind, there’s a few clues to the mystery. Feathers behind the chicken house reveal a scuffle, and staff saw roosters running out of the banana trees. But Cindy is nowhere to be seen, and it’s evident that an animal snatched up the opportunity for a quick meal. But what creature is large enough to take a full-size hen?

Could it be Houdini, the nine-foot Nile crocodile that escaped his exhibit over ten years ago? Since that time, he’s eluded capture, lurking in the swamp.

Or was it the ravenous, 150-pound black bear with an injured foot? He’s been spotted ambling about the park in search of food.

But there’s also other hungry hunters patrolling the Everglades – like the bobcat, raccoon and fox. So who’s to blame for killing Ed’s beloved hen?

Follow the adventures of Ed Woods and the Billie Swamp Safari staff as they follow clues that point towards the hen’s killer.

Swamp Men: Predators on the Prowl premieres TONIGHT at 10P et/pt on Nat Geo Wild!

Video Preview: “Chicken Bandit” — One of Ed’s prized chickens has been stolen by a sharp-toothed criminal.