Octopus Hunt

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It’s one of the ocean’s most enigmatic creatures, with eight legs, high intelligence and the ability to discreetly melt into its surroundings. The giant octopus is said to reach 33 feet across, can weigh 400 pounds, and is known as the “devilfish” for the horns above its eyes. With the ability to kill sharks, this is one animal even larger in life than in legend.

In Hunt for the Giant Octopus, a team of intrepid explorers dives into the wild depths of the Pacific in hopes of unlocking the secrets to this mysterious and magnificent animal. The film takes you through ghostly shipwrecks and wildlife on a deep-sea adventure into the world of the giant octopus.

DID YOU KNOW? That an octopus can have as many as 1,800 suckers on each of its arms? Read more about octopus suckers here.

And don’t miss Hunt for the Giant Octopus on Nat Geo Wild TONIGHT at 10PM et/pt!

Video Preview: “Octopus Up Close”