Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #1 — Most "Can I Stop Running for My Life Now?" Game

MOVE! The Great Migrations Game
When you’re being chased by hungry lions, leopards and crocs, slowing down for a quick lunch of your own is not an option unless you’re prepared to become someone else’s lunch. We created the Great Migrations game MOVE! to help you with this age-old dilemma:  Move or die?

Create an account and pick your herd – Zebra or Wildebeest.  Start your herd moving in the direction of the rains – with the rain comes fresh grass, and the grass is what keeps you going. Will you stop and graze to build energy, or keep moving and try to shake the predators stalking you? Look out for lions, leopards, panthers, hyenas, crocodiles, and more.

Simple gameplay, but lots of subtle strategies abound – will you use energy to search for powerful power-ups?  How many herd members will you sacrifice to a lion attack to protect the core herd? And my favorite – you have to cross a croc-infested river to escape attacking lions, but your herd piles up at the shoreline, while the herd leaders gingerly step out into the rapids, forming a buffet for the lions and a made-to-order meal for the crocs.  Do you continue to conga-line across the river, a few herd-members at a time, or give it up and make a mad dash for hopefully safer grazing land?

But no zebra or wildebeest should face the harsh African Savannah alone – invite your Facebook friends to play, trade herd-members and power-ups with other players, and check your score against other players across the world (You can play MOVE! in over 20 different languages – just sayin’…)

So – are you a herd-leader or are you lunch?

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  1. 1-human-fact
    January 6, 2011, 10:02 pm

    good game