Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #2 — Most "Don’t Play This at Work" Game

The Great Sperm Race Game
One of the best-slash-most hilarious moments in my professional life thus far would definitely have to be when a male co-worker of mine shouted from his desk, “I made it to the cervix!” I’m pretty sure if that happened in any other office setting, he would have been shot some nasty looks. But, since it’s National Geographic Channel we’re talking about, he was met with congratulations. Because, as we all immediately understood, he defeated one ultra challenging level of the Sizing Up Sperm game.

As if watching men dressed up as 6-foot sperm running around a mountainous terrain re-enacting what happens after the birds and the bees get together on television wasn’t enough, we went ahead and made a computer game too.

Not only is this game incredibly difficult and addicting, but it’s really educational. Educational in the sense that after playing this game you have no idea how any of us got here…because, for a while, it seemed pretty darn impossible that you would ever make it to the cervix.

Play The Great Sperm Race >>

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  1. sissie
    January 2, 2011, 11:27 pm

    Been watching The Animal Extractors and was wondering what was done with the meat and skins that comes from the aligators that are put down because they are designated as nusience gators. This is because of humans who have NO idea how to interact with these animals and have caused this to happen. Northerns coming south with no idea of how to act around wild animals. Sissis