Observing Monkeys

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Deep in the tropical jungle wilderness of Gabon, red capped mangabeys swing through the trees and roam across the forest floor. This primate species is only found in a small area of central Africa, and very little is known about them.

The red capped mangabey has unique markings, including a dark face, tufts of red and white hair, dramatic white stripes above the eyes and a long, white-tipped tail. They are a large primate species, weighing up to 20 kilograms. Red capped mangabeys feed on a variety of foods, such as fruit, seed pods, insects and mushrooms, and appear to be highly intelligent, social animals.

Because they live in a big group, red capped mangabeys have a distinct hierarchy so that each individual knows their place in the troop. Each monkey has a different personality and, like humans, red capped mangabeys communicate visually with different facial expressions.

Journey with an experienced primatologist as she lives in a tree house for six weeks to study red capped mangabeys. This wild coast is one of the least explored regions left on the planet, and there’s danger at every turn – forest elephants travel silently through the jungle and hippos and crocodiles lurk in the lagoon.

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Video Preview: Mangabeys are able to take giant leaps from tree to tree.