Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #8 — Most "What Were We Thinking?" Video

2012 Apocalypse Featuring “The Dude”
If some intrepretations of ancient Mayan prophecy are to be believed, we have about two years to get our planetary affairs in order before the Mayan calendar stops short on December 21st 2012, causing global cataclysm and the end of life as we know it (hello pole shift!).

So, if you believed the world was going to end in two years, what would you do? Travel? Spend time with friends and family? Make your peace with whatever you believe to occupy the great beyond? Well that’s you. Not “the Dude” though — he plans his survival and plots his rise to new King of the World once the dust settles.

We thought a light take on the whole “End of the World” thing was just the ticket for viral gold! Well, these videos were no double rainbow, but still sort of funny — and if nothing else, “The Dude” is ready for 2012.

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