Nat Geo Channel’s Top Ten for 2010

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Using a robotic vacuum cleaner, an electrified dart-board and our inside access to top chimpanzee behaviorists, we devised a method for selecting the 10 coolest examples of Nat Geo Channel online content from the past year. Fortunately, while no useful selections were returned, the resulting incident did no permanent damage to the chimpanzee behaviorists, and we of course wish them a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year.

The following list, is instead, what our online editors came up with after a quick huddle.

We’ll be updating the list every day this week, so check back often! Don’t let the chimpanzee behaviorists’ sacrifice be for nothing!

10.) Most “I’m Not Sure I Can Watch This!” Video Clip
Great Migrations: Baby Wildebeest Pulled Under by Giant Croc

09.) Most “I Can’t Stop Watching This!” Video Clip
Wild Justice: Woman Goes Berserk Over Missing Pipe (wait for it!)


08.) Most “What Were We Thinking?” Video Clip
2012 Apocalypse: Featuring “The Dude

07.) Most “What We Do Around the Office When We’re Bored” Video Clip
Great Migrations Zebra Migration Mockumentary


06.) Most “Gotta See the Next Pic!” Photo Gallery
Into the Lost Crystal Caves Photo Gallery

05.) Most “Astronomically Geek-tastic” Interactive
Known Universe Solar-System Builder


04.) Most “Can I Touch It?” Interactive
Lost Gold of the Dark Ages Treasure Viewer

03.) Most “I Can See Animals… From Space!” Interactive
Great Migrations 3D Migration Globe


02.) Most “Don’t Play This at Work” Game
The Great Sperm Race Game

01.) Most “Can I Stop Running for My Life Now?” Game
MOVE! The Great Migrations Game