Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #9 — Most "I Can’t Stop Watching This!" Video

Wild Justice: Woman Goes Berserk Over Missing Pipe
This little doozy comes from our awesome new series Wild Justice. There are so many elements of this clip that are absolutely mind-boggling. For starters, the poacher in question kills with a bow and arrow. Second, he practices his archery next to a playground… his target is literally in front of a fence that children are playing behind.

As if that wasn’t enough material right there to take home the title of Most “I Can’t Stop Watching This!” Video Clip of 2010, we get a whole new element of surprise when his mother loses her temper at the wardens who are looking for her son and accuses them of stealing her pipe. “Accuse” is probably an understatement, so if you didn’t see it before, I’d suggest watching it for yourself.

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