Nat Geo Channel’s Top 10 of 2010: #10 — Most "I’m Not Sure I Can Watch This!" Video

Great Migrations: Baby Wildebeest Pulled Under by Giant Croc
If you’re anything like me, you watched Great Migrations both in awe and in Crazytown as you shouted at the cameramen from your living room to intervene and save all the baby animals.

Who could forget the scene that feels like it was plucked straight out of a Disney movie? We watched as a baby zebra foal attempted to coax his lifeless mother back to her feet. Just when it seemed the foal would be next, his father selflessly abandoned his harem to rescue his son.

As if that wasn’t hard enough to handle, we then stepped into the shoes of the momma elephant who, after carrying her baby for two years, stood by his side as he fell victim to the searing heat. Seeing that elephant calf close his eyes for the last time so peacefully, not at the hand of a predator, was all the more heart wrenching. 

Despite this (and more) material, the most memorable clip of 2010 had to go out to the baby wildebeest calf who put up one heck of a fight against a 12-foot croc. Ultimately, hearing the tale of the wildebeest through the eyes of the cameramen is what set this apart as 2010’s most heart-wrenching clip.

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