Peanut Butter Is a Dog’s Best Friend

By Jon Losciale, My Dog Ate What? Producer

Myla was only a few months old when she shocked everyone by eating a pincushion and the over twenty-five pins and needles stuck in it at the time.  After the incident the family was able to look back and realize they shouldn’t have been that shocked considering her history of eating everything in sight or at least that is their story.  I bring this up because as a producer when you read about a hyper puppy who eats everything in sight and you get there hoping to get footage of them eating everything in sight only to find the dog in question very calm and not very playful it changes your whole approach.  Seriously it took us hours just to get basic ‘chewing on stuff’ shots.  And even then they weren’t too great.  So we had to come up with another plan.  Peanut butter!

When you’re working with dogs peanut butter is your best friend.  You put it on anything you want the dog to eat or be attracted to.  We had to smear it all over the pincushion (no pins or needles were in it) just to get Myla to get close to it.  Maybe she remembered the ordeal?  Or maybe she was more interested in the boom microphone that looked like a chew toy and was following her around.  But in the end we were able to get several great shots of her grabbing and starting to chew on the pincushion.  And in case you’re wondering dogs prefer creamy over chucky.

My Dog Ate What? Batteries, a Rock, and Cereal Boxes premieres Wednesday November 17 at 9P et/pt on Nat Geo Wild.

Video Preview: A German shepard puppy swallows a pin cushion whole — can the vet save this dog’s life?


  1. bazsmith
    November 20, 2010, 8:36 am

    So what happened to the dog?, as a dog lover I want to know what happened here, Have I missed something?

  2. jwall309
    November 21, 2010, 9:22 pm

    Hey bazsmith! This is my best friend and her dog, just so you know Myla had the pins removed through surgery and she is doing great!