Monkey Escape

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From house burglaries to lorry truck looting, monkey crimes have escalated on the streets of Jaipur. But with new monkey catcher recruits on the loose, these pesky primates must make a quick escape.

The city troop of rogue monkeys are smart – they’ve memorized catcher Dhanna Lal’s face and flee at the sound of his truck. And even though he doesn’t capture them on Tuesdays – a day devoted to Hanuman, the monkey god – Dhanna Lal is ready to teach his apprentices a hands-on course in outsmarting these street renegades.

Just a short distance away, Rani and her macaque troop scavenge for food and discover a home with an unlocked door. Will they find a feast awaiting them in the kitchen?

Out in the countryside, exile Zamir is becoming skilled at looting lorry trucks. But when he gets caught on the back of a moving truck, his cushy countryside lifestyle is on the line.

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