Where No Cam Has Gone Before

The sperm whale is the largest predator on Earth—the size of a bus and weighing as much as seven elephants! It’s an air-breathing mammal that can dive down over 2 kilometres (1.5 miles) and stay down as long as 90 minutes to hunt. It’s prey, the Humboldt or jumbo squid, is 2 meters (6 feet) long, weighing 100 pounds, and is a voracious predator in it’s own right… It’ll even eat it’s own kind. Strong, agile, and quick witted, how does the sperm whale manage to catch these jumbo squid in the pitch-black depths?

Nature Untamed “Squid vs Whale” premieres Friday, November 12th at 9P et/pt.

Video Preview: “Where No Cam Has Gone Before”
— Marine biologists attempt to fit sperm whales with cameras in order to follow them into the depths of the sea.