GREAT MIGRATIONS – See the First 15 Minutes!

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OK, we don’t do this very often, but we are so excited about the premiere of Great Migrations this Sunday that we just HAD to share it with you.

We’ve posted the first 15 minutes of Great Migrations with a special introduction from the series-producer, David Hamlin. David’s an amazing guy and has spent the last couple of years
filming amazing scenes of animal migration for this documentary, so it’s really fascinating to hear his thoughts about why the topic of animal migrations resonates, why these stories are important, and why we should care.

This sneak-peak is only going to be up for a few days—we’re taking it down before the show premieres. David’s intro won’t be part of what you see on TV, so get a look at this special preview of Great Migrations while the gettin’s good!

premieres on Sunday, November 7th at 8P et/pt.