Washington D.C.’s Jumping Rats

Rats have been vilified and associated with disease and filth but why have they been so successful in outsmarting our best efforts to combat them?  Take an in-depth look at these clever creatures to reveal their supreme agility, remarkable adaptability, and shockingly witty minds.  See how scientists are trying to put their intelligence to use in detecting landmines in Africa and sniffing out disease in humans.

Rat Genius airs on Tuesday November 2 at 7P et on Nat Geo Wild.

Video Preview: America’s capital is under assault – from the brown rat.


  1. oddbyrd
    November 3, 2010, 9:34 pm

    A really interesting thing happened last night. I was watching this program which had a good deal of squeeking "rat talk". This went unnoticed by dog my personnel. Then they ran an experiment where there was a rat on top of a table, and underneath the table out of sight there were two other rats. They then frightened the rat on top who sent a "danger call" which made the two rats below run for shelter.

    Arthur is a Hungarian Kuvasz which is a guardian dog bred for guarding livestock. He was sound asleep at my feet. When the rat made the danger call. Arthurs ears went up so fast they nearly fell off his head. He began barking and running about, checking out all the windows and doors and searching every corner of the living room. The terriers also began barking, but whether they were responding to Arthur or the rat was impossible to tell. I was fascinated by this wondering if Arthur read the Danger call and was called to action. There was no question but what that danger call set him off.