Wild Superstitions

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Most of us have heard animal superstitions through the years, from rabbit’s foot fertility fortune to crossing black cat curses. But here’s a few more wild old wives’ tales and international superstitions that I’ve heard recently…

It’s bad luck to bring peacock feathers into your home because of the ‘all-seeing’ eye markings.

On a journey? Encountering a flock of sheep is a positive omen.

Gazing at a wolf will cause blindness.

If you’re heading out to sea, a cat aboard will bring good luck.

A sweaty horse in the morning journeyed with witches all night.

First catch of the day? Throw it back in the water for a lucky day of fishing.

White birds foretell death.

If a girl catches and releases a ladybug, her husband will come from the direction in which it flies.

It’s a sign of good luck if a frog is found in a home. 

Letting a cat sleep in your bed will bring bad fortune.

Spot a spider web in the afternoon? If the spider runs down its web, travel is in your near future.

A flying bat may really be a transformed witch, ghost or vampire.

Never kill a sparrow, spider, robin, raven or cricket, for it’s considered bad luck.

Guinea fowl may bring sunshine to a farm.

Dog howling in the silence of night? Someone close to you may soon be sick.

A black cat walking towards you brings good luck.

If a bee flies into your home, you may soon have a visitor.

Moles emerge from their tunnels at night to hear angels sing.

The hooting of an owl at night is an omen of death.

Say the word ‘pig’ while fishing at sea and bad luck will come your way.

White horses warn of danger.

New year? If the first butterfly you spot is white, you’ll enjoy good fortune all year.


What spooky animal superstitions have you heard lately? Comment below and Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: Jodi Kendall, captured at Big Cat Rescue


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    November 1, 2010, 2:06 pm

    That’s interesting…