MySci Round-Up, October 29-31: Special Halloween Edition

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We’ve got a block of scary programs for you on Saturday night, starting with American Paranormal: Haunted Prison at 8 PM ET. That’s followed by The Truth Behind Bigfoot at 9P, and The Truth Behind Zombies at 10P.

Now, here are the spooky science and technology stories of the day.

What zombies can teach us about brain science. A Harvard prof actually has found a use for the undead. Otherwise, they’d just be stumbling around on the ice skating rink at some abandoned shopping mall near Pittsburgh.

Chinese ponder sightings of “Wild Man,” AKA Bigfoot. 
There have been more than 400 reported 400 sightings of a red-haired apelike creature that the Chinese call the Wild Man. There’s even an organized group of searchers, the Hubei Wild Man Research Association, that is trying to raise $1.5 million to conduct a thorough search.

The electrical experiments behind “Frankenstein.” The science that inspired Mary Shelley to write her 1818 monster masterpiece is nearly as bizarre as the novel itself.

Nationwide Anti-Vampirism effort underway. Okay, it’s actually electrical vampirism that officials are worried about. But you have to be a fiend to not care about how your plethora of electronic gadgets are wasting energy.

Ghost hunters converge on Gettysburg. Recently snapped digital photos reportedly show a bright light hovering near where a guide was telling tourists stories about ghostly soldiers.