Sinking the Unsinkable

Some 60 years after it was sunk by the British Navy, an international team will travel nearly 5,000 meters into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean—to the final resting place of the infamous Nazi supership: The Battleship Bismarck—the supposedly unsinkable vessel whose name once instilled fear and spelled certain doom to any that dared cross it’s path.

The research team is joined by two German veterans of the Bismarck, who were among the few 116 survivors out of 2,200 crewmen. It is an emotional journey for the men who must once again visit the site of the most traumatic moment of their lives.

“Nazi Supership” premieres Monday, October 25th at 9P et/pt.

Video Preview: “Battleship Inferno” — In their determination to destroy the Bismarck, British ships continued to fire on the Nazi warship long after it was defeated.