Playful Forest Monkeys

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Long-tailed macaques are an old world monkey species that spends most of the day eating, napping, traveling and socializing. They can balance from great heights with their long tails and even jump sixteen feet to reach another tree branch. 

At nighttime, long-tailed macaques huddle against one another for warmth. And if pursued by a predator – like cats, monitor lizards and pythons – they will jump into the adjacent river and swim away. This species has also been observed fishing with their bare hands and adopting abandoned animals into their families.

blog post photo

On an ecotour last month in Borneo, we encountered a noisy troop of long-tailed (also called crab-eating) macaques along the Kinabatangan River, and watched them descend from the forest canopy for some play time along the riverbank…

While long-tailed macaques can be playful, they’re known for fighting over fruit. And when food is in short supply, some monkeys will even raid human settlements, beg for food, or break into houses.

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Photo and Video Credits: Jodi Kendall, taken on a Terra Incognita ecotour in Borneo.